AnimalDrop for Shopify

Shopify's 1st pet niche dropshipping app

AnimalDrop is the first Shopify dropshipping app developed specifically for pet niche dropshippers. Find quality US pet products with fast shipping and high margins. Our automated fulfillment means after you make a sale, we handle the rest!
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Hi Chris @chrissentz I am starting with my shopify and your app. What's the pricing for using it?
@chrissentz @piotr_szczesniak Hi Piotr! The app comes with a free 3-day trial and after the trial it is $19.99/mo. I encourage you to try it out and let me know what you think!
@chrissentz @chris_sentz Thanks Chris! 3 days is very short time to do anything :) Just added some products and first impression is that there are few photos of each product and short descriptions. Me - not being an expert in pet products would imagine that with a single click I add both good quality photos with descriptions that are long enough to include all details about the product so customers feel informed and go ahead and buy.
@piotr_szczesniak Thanks for the feedback! We feel 3 days is plenty of time to find products, add them to your store, and even place a sample order. OF course if you're not satisfied after the 3 day trial we're more than happy to issue a refund. Great point about the photos and descriptions! We're working with suppliers to get more photos and descriptions for the products listed in the app. However, we always recommend that dropshippers use their own product descriptions to align with the voice and branding of their site, as well as investing in product samples for product photography and a full understanding of the fulfillment process.
Hi, I’m Chris - the founder of F13 Works and AnimalDrop. I’m excited to introduce AnimalDrop to ProductHunt! With our app, we’re changing the way entrepreneurs and merchants dropship products on Shopify by offering a curated collection of quality products from trusted, US suppliers. I truly believe the pet niche is exploding with opportunity for dropshippers and marketers alike. It's time to empower this niche with the latest dropshipping technology. We’ve spent the last few months working to create a platform specifically for pet niche dropshippers that allows you to find products, add them to your store, and never worry about shipping or inventory. Did I also mention that all of our products ship from the USA? AnimalDrop is the first Shopify app for the pet niche, offering fast shipping, quality products, and automated fulfillment. Here are a few of the many product categories we currently offer: Leashes Collars Treats Toys Carriers Beds While we handle inventory and fulfillment, entrepreneurs and merchants can focus on marketing their business and converting customers! We want to change the dropshipping model to bring back a focus on product quality and the customer experience. It’s exciting to speak with merchants and hear how dropshipping quality products has helped them increase their AOV, conversion rates, and repeat customer rates. We’re glad to share this project with you and would love to hear your feedback. Ready to get started? Sign up today and receive early access to the app before our public launch! Enjoy a free trial and discounted subscription pricing for supporting us on Product Hunt.
I love pet products! I'm going to try this out. Do you think it will be hard for someone like me who hasn't had a Shopify account use it? @chris_sentz
@jl_fausto Hi José! It would be difficult to use without a Shopify store at this time, however we do have plans to make the app available even if you don't have a Shopify store in the future. In the meantime, I recommend getting a free 14 day trial for Shopify to test out the app!
@chris_sentz Just did! Created my own store, will work on it tonight. Will let you know my thoughts on how easy it was for me to get started!
@jl_fausto Awesome! Looking forward to your feedback :)
@chris_sentz @jl_fausto Hi Jose! How is you new store? Do you know anything about the pricing for using AnimalDrop?
@chris_sentz @piotr_szczesniak Hey Piotr! It's $20/month, but 3 free day trial. Unfortunately, my shop wasn't made on time, and my ads were not approved, so I wasn't able to get the full use of it. It did aggregate info correctly, and easy to install. But since I am new, I'll be cancelling.
I think a 7 day trial would be more reasonable but thats just my opinion.
@piotr_szczesniak 3days trial period is not a good offer unless I already have a shopify store or category for pets. For anybody starting a new store just to take advantage of your product will require minimum 4 days to setup the store with product design and product description. And also will need additional 2-3days to gather traffic. So unless you give 7 to 10 days trial. I would not be interested to pay upfront without testing and start using your product.