Animal World

A cool educational safari adventure for kids 🦁

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Hey @neerajt4… I’m one of the Founders of Papumba. Thanks for the shoutout! We truly appreciate the opportunity to be part of this awesome community! Just a little background on who are are: We’re a small team based in Argentina and we started Papumba about four years ago with the idea of creating quality educational apps to help children learn while playing. The first app we created was about animals and it was super fun to see how much parents and kids got into playing it. We were so excited about the response that we created 7 more apps (our latest is Animal World). We’ve learned a ton. With this latest app, we focused on three big ideas: Intuitive gameplay, a super fun experience (even for adults), and having an app that is genuinely customized to users in different countries. Even though the app has tons of features and voices in 15 languages, the app size itself is quite small. If you’ve got kids, they can explore 80 different animals and habitats and do cool stuff like play musical instruments with the animals (and lots more). What makes it really different is the fact that it introduces a different kind of gameplay experience that we call “Family Moments”, where parents use their device to do things offline with kids (like, put your phone above your kids bed and listen to an interactive story, or live in a cave as a bear… stuff like that). It's really fun. The project took about 50 people about 9 months to produce. Last week Apple featured it under their New Apps We Love promo and Google Play also featured it in its Best New Apps for Kids section. We’d love to read your feedback about the design, the gameplay, and--if you have kids at home--let us know what they think! Thanks for reading! :D
@gonzalo_ba Thanks for making Animal World and @neerajt4 many thanks for hunting. Gonzalo, I have a couple of questions. First, what does Papumba mean? (I like the name.) Second, it must be challenging creating education apps for multiple countries as cultures and values vary widely. Do you have any tips on how to build a global education app? Thanks.
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