High quality pre-made influencer animations for cheap 💸

get it provides big and small social media influencers with super high-quality, regularly updated, animations that convert. Delivered within 48h to your e-mail. No more need to go through a list of freelancers, and pick the best ones.
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Lucas Hogendoorn
Lucas HogendoornMaker@lucas_hogendoorn1
Being an animator for influencers, I like to see my animations 'influence' many people. I saw a few YouTubers utilizing these (proven to be effective) animations, but did not think they looked so great. That's why I decided to start making, a pre-made animation service that'll provide super high-quality animations to the client's e-mail within 48H 💌 I hope to help many small and big YouTubers grow with this initiative, and help the animation market grow greatly, by providing a more easily accessible way of getting these animations. I'm still a learning man so any feedback on this is appreciated! 📡 If you have any questions, please do let me know!