High quality pre-made influencer animations for cheap πŸ’Έ provides big and small social media influencers with super high-quality, regularly updated, animations that convert. Delivered within 48h to your e-mail. No more need to go through a list of freelancers, and pick the best ones.
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Being an animator for influencers, I like to see my animations 'influence' many people. I saw a few YouTubers utilizing these (proven to be effective) animations, but did not think they looked so great. That's why I decided to start making, a pre-made animation service that'll provide super high-quality animations to the client's e-mail within 48H πŸ’Œ I hope to help many small and big YouTubers grow with this initiative, and help the animation market grow greatly, by providing a more easily accessible way of getting these animations. I'm still a learning man so any feedback on this is appreciated! πŸ“‘ If you have any questions, please do let me know!
The idea behind the project is good, however I've been purchasing custom made animations with pretty much the same prices you are offering. There are no terms, no informations about the products and the privacy policy page returns a 404 error. You can't even see which files you are going to receive, there is no informations whatsoever about the products besides a small preview of the video. I like the style and quality of the aniamations, it's sad to see a project with potential being managed like this...
@youngorwell Hey! Thanks for the reply. We'll add this in the next few days. Sorry! As for the answers: - Privacy policy is in the works! - The products will be delivered within 48 hours with the fields/pictures customized to what you give us (your channel, name, etc) and delivered within 48h in .mov format (premultiplied alpha). We should have made a Q&A page for that!
@youngorwell Update: privacy policy still needs to be added, but more information was added via the chat bot. Thank you!