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*crickets* *lonely boy sitting next to a window in a dark apartment with his Angular 2 t-shirt* *distant loud music coming from the React camp*
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@thekitze xD I give you the funny comment, but I don't understand tech-stack-fans. The right front-end decision flow (for products that take more than just yourself to be built) is: 1) Think about the product 2) Choose the best tech stack and workflow for it 3) Never be 100% sure you picked the best solution 4) If you firmly think you picked the best solution, go back to #1 until you get stuck at #3
Meh. The Angular team wasted too much time rewriting some components multiple times. In the time is has taken them to release NG2, React has cannibalised the front-end space and other frameworks like Aurelia which have lower learning curves launched final versions a while back (Aurelia in July). The syntax is confusing and NG2 suffers from a bad case of being over-engineered, just like NG1.
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@dwayne_charrington Why don't you tell us what you really feel? lol
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Awesome to see the release of this. Yes, it's taken too long. Yes, it's different to other 'frameworks' (for those who aren't as clued up, React and Angular are completely different things. One is a full-application building software, while React is essentially an HTML rendering layer). I'm stoked for this, particularly with things like Ionic 2 coming out, etc.
Congrats on the launch, Angular! But I'm #TeamReact ๐Ÿ˜›
@brunolemos Team? What the actual f*** is heappening with front-end world?