Don't manage projects. Manage your life.

Angstrom is different from other task or project management tools because it puts your life goals at the center of everything. Once you've decided what is important in your life. It will help you dominate those goals!
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Hello Friends! Angstrom is a passion project for me. When I started building it, I was trying to design a system to solve my own failings as a person. To help me be more effective in my own life. As it progressed it actually got good (IMO). So I decided that I would make it into a solid product. Many evening and weekends have been poured into it. I'm a one-man band. So naturally the product turned out to be for people like me. It's for your personal use, not for your team. A few people that have used it, compare it to a for individuals. is an amazing product so I can't but be flattered by the comparison. I already have paying customers, which blows my mind. I have to thank the community for their support / guidance and for being my first customers! More than anything, what I really want from this launch on Product Hunt is feedback. I want to make Angstrom into a great product and the only way to do that is if I get independent critical feedback. Please don't hesitate to ask my anything! Thank you so much! Kelvin
@kelvinangstrom Looks great. I'll take it out for a spin. Congrats for the release. When are the apps expected on mobile?
@vladimiroane Thanks Vladimir! Please do. It's a huge relief to release it. At the moment it's a PWA so you can add it to your home screen and it will act like an app. Once I understand what people would really like in the mobile version I'll start on them. I'm looking forward to doing that. I've started on the desktop apps. Windows, Mac and Linux. I'm using the Mac one myself at the moment but there is still quite a bit of work to do.
@kelvinangstrom in the verbiage for the lifetime account, the second line reads "Access to all current functionality". Is this implying that any updates or roadmap items are not going to be available to early adopters on the lifetime plan? That would be an odd and disappointing tactic for a newly launching SAAS. Absolutely loved the onboarding btw.
@kelvinangstrom Looks like a nice product, even more as it is a solo project...I'm definitely boarding in...can you please explain the "Access to all current functionality" line in the lifetime plan? Sorry, scares me a lot!

I think that this app brings to the table a very different alternative in the task management sector, focusing on those who work alone and don't want to get distracted by team-driven features as it happens with tools like Asana and even Trello.


Tackles struggles that solopreneurs know well; allows keeping track of the bigger picture through goals; the onboarding bot is genius.


Nothing so far.

Awesome work for a solo founder!
@tommi_tallgren Thanks Tommi! It has been a huge amount of fun building it. It's easier than ever for a solo founder to build something. If you have any questions let me know.
This thing is actually amazing! The onboarding bot was a lot of fun. Is the onboarding bot custom,or is there a service I could use to get the same thing?
Thanks Roveek! Sorry it's completely custom. I wanted to do something interesting rather than just the standard onboarding walkthrough that everyone skips by without actually looking at. The only thing that I wanted to get across with the onboarding were the key concepts rather than telling people how to use the product, which I would hope are fairly self-explanatory.
@kelvinangstrom would be cool to be able to quit onboarding an revisit it later ;)
@malczak did it bother you that much? ;) If it did I will definitely consider building that functionality.
@kelvinangstrom A bit yes. It is a cool feature but after some time I just wanted to start playing around with the app. I have shared link with a friend and got a similar feedback 'how to skip onboarding'.
@malczak Well that settle it then. I'll need to do something about it. Thanks for sharing with your friend!! :) Beyond the onboarding, what did you think of it?

Great idea to have personal task management for your full life goals


Simple to take into use (fun onboarding bot actually), and simple to use!


With less features in the beginning (?)