Angry Fly

8-bit RPG one-handed multitap flying adventurer game

Angry Fly is fun adventure in 8bit retro style, one of the best casual pixel games out there. Addictive endless runner, where you can customize your character with funny skins, chase your main enemy and race yourself for impossible score.

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I was planning a visit in the biggest arcade game museum in Europe to play some old 8-bit games and then @mishef asked me if I can take a look at his game. What a coincidence. So I said to myself - this game is so awesome and I must put it on Product Hunt. Have 8-bit fun guys!
Would love to see an iOS version soon! :)
@imswaathik if there is enough interest in our game, we will be happy to make it available for iOS :)
@mishef @imswaathik I am Windows phone user :) Oops :)
@bogomep @mishef Haha! Let's hope Angry Fly gets so popular that even Windows gets support for it. ;)
Hello Pixel Lovers, I'm co-founder of PixBros Studios. We developing Angry Fly for almost 3 years. Please let me know if you have any questions. Enjoy our game!
Hilarious gameplay video by MagicManMo :D