Angry Birds 2

The official sequel to the original Angry Birds

Well, there goes my night.
Good things: More Angry Birds!!!!! Bad things: Oh god, the in app purchases
@ow exactly, I would pay $5 for this - in-app purchases are mehhh
@bramk @ow yeah, the sad fact is that they'll end up making way, way more than $5 from people because it's freemium
From the looks of it, it must have taken years to make, this one.
It's a fantastic game, Rovio really delivered with this sequel.
@andythegiant Yup. So far, so polished, so smooth, so fun.
@mackflavelle @andythegiant yeah, the polish is outstanding. I'm curious how the card/leveling-up system will impact the gameplay.
I spent more time Freshman year of college playing angry birds than studying/doing homework... When they continued to stratify the apps, it became way too much. I hope they stay more focused with this one.