200+ Android & iOS vector device mockups for Sketch

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#3 Product of the DayFebruary 25, 2016
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Meng To
Meng ToMaker@mengto · Designer
Hello, I’m Meng, maker of Angle and Design+Code. One of the frequent questions I get asked from designers and developers is about presentation. Most makers don’t spend quite enough time thinking about presentation, yet if you look at Apple, that’s arguably one of their biggest strengths. The idea was: “you’ve got an app, it works beautifully, but you have a hard time coming up with a convincing Website or a few visuals to captivate your audience”. First, your screens should always be the heroes. Angle was made to give you both quick mockups and highly customizable vectors (yep, everything’s in vector!). You can present your screens in a simple front-facing mockup, or in a more unique photo-realistic angle that gives a nice “oomph”. As is demonstrated on the Website, these mockups can be used in many ways to present and animate, with a little CSS. With the Compositions, you can find pre-made modular designs that are ready to use. All you need to do is to replace your screens! Hundreds of hours were put into this and I hope that I will have to privilege to work more on it. This project was an evolution of the iOS 9 GUIs I created a few months back. Hope you enjoy it! Happy to answer any question about the process or anything! ** Updated April 5th ** Added 60+ Android device mockups as a free upgrade! Meng
Khairul Akmal
Khairul Akmal@mofodox · UI/UX Engineer at Datavis
@mengto Nice work!Just a question: will this work with Magic Mirror? 😄
Meng To
Meng ToMaker@mengto · Designer
@mofodox Yep, it was made to use with Magic Mirror! It's the only plugin that allows placing a screen in a perspective.
Khairul Akmal
Khairul Akmal@mofodox · UI/UX Engineer at Datavis
@mengto Thank you! 😄
Danny Giebe
Danny Giebe@creative_px · Designer & Developer
@mengto Great job Meng. Love your products and this just came along in the right time. :)
Meng To
Meng ToMaker@mengto · Designer
@creative_px Great to hear. Also awesome to meet a fellow designer/developer!
Chris Beshore
Chris Beshore@cdbeshore · Indie iOS Focus Weekly &
@mengto Your stuff is top notch! Love that it's in Sketch too. Very well done.
Paul Prins
Paul Prins@paulprins · Founder - Fresh Vine
Sketch is cool and all but do these mockups work in Illustrator/Photoshop as well?
Meng To
Meng ToMaker@mengto · Designer
@paulprins Sorry, they only work on Sketch. I almost exclusively use Sketch now and I think it has come a long way for vector illustrations.
Ryan McLeod
Ryan McLeod@warpling · ⬛️📲
@mengto @paulprins this is insane to have for Sketch. Thank you!
Alex Yakir
Alex Yakir@alexyakir · Web Designer & Developer
@paulprins You might want to check out this similar Photoshop plugin:
Daniel Nisttahuz 
Daniel Nisttahuz @dnisttahuz · Sr. Product Designer
Awesome Work! Kudos @mengto
Levent Aşkan
Levent Aşkan@leventask
Congrats Meng!