AngelList Radio - Rick Marini

Host Tyler Willis interviews a serial founder and investor

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Rick is a serial investor ( and has a lot of interesting insight around founding and investing in companies.
@katesegrin, you're product hunt game is on point! :-)
This snuck by me. I didn't know AngelList started a podcast. Subscribing. cc @naval
You read my tweets! Fantastic!
When did AngelList start a podcast?
@dredurr Brand new! Cyan and several of the folks at AL approached me about hosting season one. We're going to do several interviews with a variety of Angel Investors. It's an experiment, so who knows what it will ultimately become (or how many we'll do). My hope is we can do a few interviews and give people different points of view (and ideas) when they are trying to decide whether angel investing is something they want to do. If you have suggestions, please send them to Cyan or I!