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Big fan of AngelList and its jobs feature. From my understanding, Jobs was a side project to AL's main focus -- helping entrepreneurs and investors connect and raise money -- but it seems to have become the go-to website for startups to hire from my my observations. @naval @kaigradert @cagriaksay, are you going to charge for AL jobs in the future and how important is this to your long term vision at AngelList? P.S. @naval is doing a LIVE chat tomorrow. 💃
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Thanks @rrhoover! We are always looking for new ways to help startups. The iOS app was a hackathon experiment to try out new UX. After weeks of testing and refining, we believe it is one of the best ways to find talent & jobs on mobile. @imcatnoone thanks for your kind words. We hear you that candidate quality is a problem and we’re working on it. The best candidates on AngelList don't generally apply to companies, they get dozens of inbound requests from startups in their first week. To get access to the best talent, you have to start reaching out. I hope you like the new iOS app. Let me know if you have any suggestions or feedback.
Thanks for sharing on ProductHunt. Happy to answer any of your questions. @rrhoover AngelList is a marketplace of different transactions. Recruiting is just one transaction that naturally fits into the startup ecosystem. We have run paid experiments in the past for Talent, but decided to focus on the free product for now.
Have had amazing experience hiring for my startup on AngelList (hired both a designer and iOS dev in recent weeks, now on the hunt for an acquisition person). Can't wait for an Android version of the app :)
Was wondering the same thing @rrhoover. Right now, when posting a job there's definitely a spammy side to it—almost recruiter like. You have an number of people applying to jobs (and I imagine employees approaching potential team-members) that clearly do not fit the bill for the position. It'd be interesting to see whether or not that would change if there were a monthly/annual fee attached to it. I love the jobs feature and AL in general, recommend it to a number of folks on a regular basis, but would personally pay to ensure the talent search was much more "efficient". Regardless, the product is awesome and congrats on the launch of the app!
Guess we better enjoy the ProductHunt love before the Apple announcements roll in :-)