App Store for security cameras

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If you have any questions, comments or ideas (esp. for potential customers who want to get more value from security cameras' video :o), feel free to write directly here :)
What's your favorite or the most interesting app on angelcam right now, @peterocasek?
@rrhoover I love the "real world analytics" apps in general, doesn't matter if it's people counting, traffic analysys or so.. In the end, there is always data (API), that is being used for integration with other data sources or systems. I see so much opportunity there! :)
why the name change @peterocasek?
@eriktorenberg Previous name (click2stream) was great for our the very inicial product (the easiest live streaming from security cameras). But as time goes, our vision became much broader and thus we decided to go with something not so specific :)