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This is an amazing episode Harry, Modwenna has such a diverse background which she draws on to shape her intelligent approach to Angel investing.
Modwenna Rees Mogg (@modwenna) is an experienced corporate financier turned entrepreneur, as the founder of www.angelnews.co.uk, the leading private investor news service with the goal of improving transparency and accountability in the early stage investment market to enable it to grow and create win:win situations for all concerned. Modwenna has also recently Co-Founded CrowdRating, the ratings agency for equity crowdfunding. In today’ episode we delve into why now is the best time to be an angel investor, what separates a great angel from a good angel and how to utilize your investing network for maximum dealflow. For your chance to win a signed copy of the legendary Venture Deals by Brad Feld (@bfeld) all you have to do is click the click to tweet: http://ctt.ec/e0zkG In Today’s Episode You Will Learn: 1.) How did Modwenna get into the investing world? 2.) Why is now the best time to be an angel investor and what has changed over the last few years that has made this happen? 3.) What does Modwenna think separates the incredible angel from the less useful investor? 4.) What does Modwenna think of the syndicated model of angel investing? Has Modwenna seen a rise in the amount of angel due to crowdfunding platforms increasing accessibility? 5.) If a startup has more than one angel on the cap sheet, who should be the lead investor? What are the characteristics of a great lead investor? 6.) Modwenna tells us a little about Crowdrating, what the site does and how CrowdRating (http://www.crowdrating.co.uk) assesses whether a project is a solid investment or not? Items Mentioned In Today’s Show: Modwenna’s Fave Investing Resource: CB Insights (https://www.cbinsights.com)