One simple solution to protect your home and privacy

3 Years ago we came to Product Hunt to announce a revolutionary product, a home security system called Angee. Today we need your advice.

After successful Kickstarter campaign, last year we have delivered all our orders and today we are protecting thousands of households.

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Tomas Turek
With growing competition our product focuses on what we think matters most - convenience and privacy - keeping things simple to our users and protecting their privacy are integral. Moreover - we are proud to have built the system that allows us to continually add new features, listening to what our customers want - we believe thats the only way. Consequently we have decided to launch what is the only home security as a service in the US market today - we offer angee as a subscription service at $16/ month! We do not believe in product sales, products become obsolete, support is not very helpful - you know the story. These products - sooner or later will only fill customers shelfs. Instead we believe in ever improving service. We will deliver angee directly to your door and come and collect it anytime should you feel that Angee isn’t right for you. In the meantime - we will keep improving to provide an excellent service. Selling subscriptions for what essentially is an access to a physical system isn’t easy. Typical channels where our competitors sell - like BestBuy - aren’t an option. Thus we are turning to you for advice. How would you market this service? Should you want to present a cool distribution option - don’t hesitate to share it.
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Zach DolenarSocial Marketing Master
@turektomas I would love to discuss distribution options with you. Could I refer you to a sales member at our agency?
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Bogomil Shopov
Products. Agile. Data. Privacy.
Another great czech startup!
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I'm really excited about what they release next. Lots of software update for app recently. Subscription price seems fair, maybe even lower than expected.


Security with privacy and after some time, you won't even know that there is some camera.


Right now, I don't have any

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great solution


nice design


I don't know

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Viktorya Ashughyanextraordinary
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