Autonomous home security, doubles as a personal assistant

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We have made Angee to give you an autonomous and reliable way to protect and connect to your home and family from anywhere in the world. Coming home, Angee doubles as a voice controlled, internet powered, camera operating personal assistant. It's Amazon Echo on steroids. We wanted to build a first connected product which completely changes the reputation of smart home devices​ being complicated to install and operate. The future of connected devices is bright; we work with and integrate the latest technologies to make Angee the most innovative and impressive smart home security product ever, NOW on Kickstarter! We are curious about what your expectations are: What are your dream functions for the second generation of Angee?
How does Angee handle an armed mode while there are people inside the house? For example, a stay-at-home mom might want to arm the security system in a "stay" mode to where it will go off if someone enters the house.
@parkeragee Hi Parker, we did a pretty big progress with Angee (it was a really difficult to finish this project) here is where we're right now: Looking forward for your feedback.
Did you guys now Angee is currently on Kickstarter? Check out the campaign here:
I just spent several days choosing a new security system for my home. The current options are all way behind what's possible so that makes Angee exciting. The main question I have is about monitoring. When it comes to my family's security I wanted 1) a real person to monitor break-ins 2) a loud alarm to deter burglars. It looks like Angee has the detection part down but the theft deterrent/alarm side of the equation hasn't been fleshed out yet.
@ryanshook Thanks for your interest! In our Kickstarter campaign, we are looking into including siren as a stretch goal. This means we would have to change our design for manufacturing, but could be done. Is this a satisfying answer? :)
@turektomas A siren would definitely help. I think it comes down to what problem is Angee trying to solve? If the problem is "I don't know who is in my house" then you've nailed the solution. If the problem is "I don't feel safe in my home" then I think Angee needs to be one part of a more comprehensive security solution. 🚨
@ryanshook With advanced proximity sensing technologies, Angee always knows who's home. This is an important information enabling Angee to automate arming/disarming of the system - the only way to make the system reliable and free of human interaction. Detection of a problem - this is where Angee excels. Angee checks for sounds, motion and knows exactly if/when anyone enters your property - it monitors the geographical fence around it. If there is an alarm situation you can immediately contact relevant authorities. We are considering a monitored/automated response to intrusions in the future, but currently they are not very appealing as typical response time is longer than the duration of a burglary anyway. A key benefit of Angee is collecting information about potential intruders, and acting as a deterrent.
@ryanshook That's the key. There's plenty of great systems and solutions out there for automation and "the smart phone" but security monitoring is still extremely valuable and will be for the foreseeable.
Hey Parker, great last name! To your question, Angee is very smart and switches autonomously between various modes. When your family is inside your home, Angee will simply focus on the entry points to know if anyone new is getting in or out your home.
@turektomas thanks for the reply! Needless to say, the name "Angee" was very eye-catching for me! Looking forward to seeing where this product goes. I've definitely been looking for something like this and Angee seems to be the best fit for my needs so far.
@parkeragee Let me know if I can help ;)