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Hi PH, I’m Mike, a self-taught coder from Puglia (if you know Italy is like a boot, I’m from the heel!). Today I’m launching If you are a marketer or a marketing agency, you can use Angage to discover hot products before they go viral, get an understanding of what a store is selling, and get e-commerce leads that you can outreach to. If you are a shop owner, you can use Angage to understand more about your store and how you can improve it, as well as see what vendors your competitors are buying from. ============================================================ **WHY I BUILT THIS** The story goes that Noah Kagan was hiring, searching for a marketing guy to craft a strategy so he could outreach to e-commerce owners and pitch to them. My idea was to find every Shopify shop on the planet (which I did) and see what marketing stack they were already using so he can use that to pitch them. I built an MVP of the tool in ~10 minutes (full disclosure: Noah ended up doing something else). I still thought the idea could help somebody out there and I put a more robust MVP together (took me an additional day). ============================================================ **FEATURES** Angage currently supports Shopify and BigCommerce powered stores only, but expanding soon! =) Here are some features: ✓ Hunts currently trending products available for dropshipping. It also returns links to source the product directly on Alibaba, Aliexpress, Amazon as well as reviews, social campaigns about the product and how much should you selling the product for. Easily view/export this data. ✓ Returns store currency, social accounts and social campaigns currently running, products for sale by SKUs, vendors, average product value, traffic stats, what marketing plugins are installed on the store in different categories (analytics, cart abandonment, fraud prevention, etc). ✓ Tracks sales for about 600+ selected stores; ✓ Searches on more than 500k products (and counting). ============================================================ Here are some stats: - More than 550,000 products from ~30k stores already added; - Adding 1 store every 10 seconds on average (planning on tracking more than 600k stores); - Over 50k sale orders tracked; - Adding 27 products every 10 seconds on average; - 3 daily hot product opportunities found on average. ============================================================ **HOW** To build this I used free or almost-free resources and my experience. I used, a free css framework, for the front-end and PHP + python for the back-end. I strongly support transparency and openness by sharing our app and revenue metrics with everyone, so if you are interested you can actually see how many users the app has, how much I am making ($) and the rundown of my expenses here: ============================================================ **PROMO TIME** Just by signing-up, you get 5 free searches to scan shops and products we already have in db. No card required or anything like that. If you want more and want to support me, please upgrade to the pro plan and I’ll give you unlimited searches, products, etc. Money will be used to pay for some third-party services and if I reach enough users, I’ll go ahead and build this into an even better and faster product. Thanks! Mike
@mikerubini I get “Unknown problem.” every time I try to login 😟 looks cool, shame I can’t check it out.
@kieranchase Hi Kieran, can you please write me an email at with the username you use? I'll be happy to assist you! Thanks
What an awesome tool!
@angelocala94 Thanks man! Glad you liked it!
Great tool Mike!
@bmannelli Thank you Bernardo!

Strongly recommended if you're into dropshippping or ecom in general.


Excellent Tool with great value for the user!


Nothing by now

Great job !! Will try it out soon 😊
@ayush_chandra Thank you Ayush! Looking forward to that!