Find journalists by what they tweet

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I've been using Anewstip to see who've been tweeting about Meteor. It helps me find other Meteor devs to collaborate with, or just knowing who needs help! It's a fantastic tool!
This is a great tool for all companies & startups especially trying to build engagement.
I'm always looking for journalists and I thought this platform was an interesting way to find people who tweet about my investment business and my startups. Searching by interests, products, competitors is a great way to keep tabs and (hopefully) engage.
@fredsoneya This is exactly one of the initial ideas behind starting this service. We think the first step in building any meaningful relationships with journalists is to identifying them. Our goal is to simplify this task.
looks pretty cool, but I do hope you can remove the MAX limit of 12 characters for the password.
@saijo_george Thank you for the feedback. We'll fix this soon.
@christinataoka @saijo_george The password issue is fixed now. You can now create password with up to 30 characters.
Wow, this looks super useful to anyone looking to connect with Journalists and see who's writing about competitors. Nice one!