Modern, native Pandora client for macOS

Anesidora feels right at home on macOS with its beautiful and simple interface, animations, support for Retina Displays and Notification Center. The app detects if you're outside the United States and automatically applies a proxy, so every feature of Pandora is available to you.

Neil Sardesai
Kacper Wojszko
Szymon Kozicki
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It all looks really great but I didn't know people still use Pandora 🙈
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@amrith I'm using it because of the music it suggests – IMO still best in class.
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HomePod/Siri-inspired app icon? Looks great either way though!
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@iamsebj Yep, HomePod inspired :)
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Nice to see independent music apps still being built like this on Pandora's API. Streaming music through a browser tab or an unmaintained Flash desktop app is a bummer.
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Great job!! 😊
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Just wondering, the use of a proxy and pandora outside of the U.S. Is this, like, legal?