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Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
Google just announced Android Pay at I/O, launching later today. Per @kylebrussell's coverage, Android Pay will be pre-installed on Android 4.4+ devices with NFC on AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile carriers (a must to compete with Apple Pay's distribution, imo). Physical credit cards will eventually fade out but for someone who's open to trying new technology, I still haven't found a reason to use Apple Pay or similar phone-based payment platforms. Handing a cashier my card isn't that much effort, it's accepted everywhere, and it's a habit. It's going to take some time for mainstream to adopt something like this in the physical world; however, new devices like the Apple Watch or other wearables could accelerate this, carving out an opportunity to encourage new behavior.
Marc Anthony Rosa
Product Manager @ Getty Images
@rrhoover agree with your thoughts on handing over a credit card to merchants - it's not all that cumbersome. But, I think the real magic lies NOT in eliminating that swiping user journey, but rather, in eliminating the need for carrying cards in the first place. I went on a jog the other day with just my phone, and wanted to grab something at Subway right after. It was a truly magical moment for me - I was able to check out with my phone, without going back for my wallet. That, IMO, is the true magic of Apple Pay and Google Pay.
Zoe Landon
Web Developer & Rabbit
@rrhoover I have to agree, the desire to use it always comes a second or two after I've actually swiped my card. Not to mention the occasional ambiguity on support (still a problem with physical cards; I've gone three cards down my list at places because it wasn't obvious they wouldn't take AmEx or Discover). But, I've really enjoyed Apple Pay as an in-app mechanism, for stuff like Starbucks or Postmates. I think that's still a good strength, and emulating that alone is worthwhile.
Ben Halpern
Founder of
@rrhoover I don't think it's a question of whether or not something like this will catch on, at this point it's worth asking if this is Newton or an iPhone. We don't yet know if this is the iteration that wins.
Nicolas Nemni
Software Product Manager
@rrhoover #Copycats
@rrhoover This is so important right now. Working on a mobile payment app, we're integrating Apple Pay in order to take away the barrier to entry of needing to enter new credit card information upon sign up. This is the much needed other side of the solution for us! I think Android/Apple Pay could become the "Facebook Login" of payment-based apps. They're another great way to simplify on-boarding and create a frictionless user experience. Thanks for the great hunt!
Jack Shalom
CEO, Giffage
This is absolutely revolutionary. Android Pay. Wow! What an incredible sounding, yet original, name. I can't believe someone could be genius enough to think of something that would allow users to use their DEVICE as a form of payment. AND for extra security, users can use their FINGERPRINT. HOLY HELL THIS IS MAGICAL. Apple should copy EVERYTHING about Android Pay and create their own system for doing this. On a more serious note, the the keynote could've been cut short had they simply said, "Watch Apple's Apple Pay keynote, and that's pretty much what we're doing today folks".
Michael Sitver
I build things
@jeshalom Laughing out loud at your comment on how they could have cut it short. So true. Android pay certainly looks solid though.
Tony TanevskiFounder of Hi-Voltage
When Apple announced its Apple Pay and iPhone 6, the ignorant Google fanboys ridiculed Apple Pay for being a copy of Android's NFC payments, while not understanding the brilliance and innovation behind Apple Pay. And now Android Pay proves Google is playing catch up not the other way round. Nevertheless Apple Pay is still untouchable when it comes to security at a hardware level which most of the overcrowded Android device makers cannot match any time soon. It's more than a software solution - hardware plays a big part.
Tommaso dbFounding Partner at Awesm Ventures
Was a MUST have for the Android world - considering iOS started already. Now time will show how fast adoption will take place. Digital Natives are going to use it with no brainer - the rest will embrace it out of commodity. Definitely a huge value add that is shaping a NEW daily habit for all of us!
adamMobile Product Manager, Capital One
I've found most use from Apple Pay within apps where I purchase items and it uses the TouchID to validate and allow me to pay with apple pay. I think we'll see a lot more of this in the future.
@mobilegamesgeek +1 / Cosigned. I'd nearly forgotten that I could use Apple Pay in physical stores, but I've really enjoyed he convenience of using it to make in-app payments.
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