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Thanks so much Kevin for hunting us. Finding the best ways to stay updated has been a personal passion for a while. I was using a range of RSS readers, social feeds, news alerts, Twitter lists, websites etc., and thought there has to be a better way. The result is Anders Pink. You can use keyword filtering, alerts, rss feeds, Twitter streams etc., all inside a single app. If you want to see all articles on say Elearning Trends, just use the keyword filter. If you want to see what your network is sharing go to your Network feed. If you want to see what competitors are publishing just add their domains to a briefing. If you want to see RSS feeds, just add them as sources to your briefing. Or combine sources and filters as you need. You can save articles, share and add notes/comments. You can also create a team and share briefings, articles etc., to leverage your collective intelligence. There is a chrome extension so you can save articles easily and mobile apps. We are still in the early days but we would love your feedback and ideas on how we can improve things.
Well done Steve and Stephen - great to see the app formally launched. Folks if you are looking for a tool that can curate and deliver you quality resources with a minimum of effort then this is it. I was one of the early adopters of Anders Pink and have been on the journey with the two Steve's testing, reviewing and supporting this tool for months. It is the only tool you will need for Curation. Forget the rest this is the best. I have no doubt that in the future all other curation apps will be designed around Anders Pink - it is the leader of the pack! Good luck guys I have no doubt this will be a success.
@learnkotch That is just fantastic feedback Con. Really appreciate it. Thanks so much!
Been using this for months. Great tool to keep my team on top of what's happening
@mikelaurie thanks a lot Mike, glad you like the team features!
I checked out this app and it's cool., definitely one I'll be using daily.
@iancleary that's awesome Ian, really glad you like it - thank you so much!
I've been using Anders Pink a bit in the beta testing phase, and have been impressed how far it's come. For those seeking a daily or weekly roundup of the content in their field -- the posts and articles they really should read -- AP is a great solution.
@randfish that's so great to hear Rand - means a lot coming from you. Really appreciate it.