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andcards Suite is the coworking space management software that automates routines and allows managers to socialize with customers rather than boring paperwork. Manage customers, book meeting rooms, pay with credit cards, and integrate all IoT devices.

  • Александр Левицкий
    Александр ЛевицкийSearching for new opportunities

    easy to use interface, push reminders about room booking


    membership payment takes too many steps

    Found this app in Korean coworking and actually very happy that the app was in English. So basically withour knowing Korean I could reserme my place . It feels like airbnb for coworking and it is awesome. I hope this becomes popular and other coworkings will start using it. Good Luck!

    Александр Левицкий has used this product for one month.
  • Andriy Bas
    Andriy BasCo-founder, Team Lead @ UPTech

    Easy and smooth


    Didn't fild

    Love the product, very useful

    Andriy Bas has used this product for one week.
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Ross Khanas
Ross KhanasMaker@rtkhanas
Hello Product Hunt! Ross, andCards CTO and co-founder here. I always wanted to work at a big company (dreams came true when I got a job offer from Samsung Electronics HQ), but quickly realized that remote and coworking is where real action happens! 🔥 Most coworking spaces have a great interior design, but not that great software. To fix that I used all my energy to build a new tool — andCards. It helps coworking community managers (my friends) to modernize and automate boring routines. This is what I used to build andCards Suite: - nodejs - react - react-native - redux - styled-components (Thx @mxstbr) - babel - eslint - prettier ( - webpack Follow me on [Twitter]( and on a [Github]( 🙏 Would love to get your feedback about our product! Ready to answer any questions :)
Mykola Rybak
Mykola RybakMaker@mykola_rybak · Software Engineer at AndCards
🎉 Hi, Product Hunt! I am Mykola, a Frontend Developer at AndCards. 💪Together with @dzhebyan, @rtkhanas @taras_chervinka @oleksandr_prokhorov and @yeji we tried to create the best coworking app! 🙏 We are pleased to get feedback of our app and hope you really like it 😊.
Alex Wawl
Alex Wawl@alexwawl · Software Engineer, Data Scientist
Congrats with launch🙌 👍Nice product
Oleksandr Prokhorov
Oleksandr ProkhorovMaker@oleksandr_prokhorov
@alexwawl Thanks for your feedback 😃
Igor Dzhebyan
Igor DzhebyanMaker@dzhebyan · Making the impossible – possible.
Hey PH! I’m Igor, CEO and co-founder of andCards. For the last 10 years that I’ve lived in South Korea, I’ve witnessed a real explosion in a number of coworking spaces here. Large chains have a lot of cash to burn on building custom software, but smaller coworking spaces still use Excel/GCal to manually manage everything. As a result, they’re too busy managing contracts/facilities rather than building a community. Best I could do to help is design a simple and effective way to automate all boring routines :) andCards coworking software has several unique features that make it stand out: 💸 In-app credit card payments for room bookings and coworking membership that doesn’t require any additional setup and can be activated with a simple flip of a switch. 🕙 Super easy to use meeting room booking system with stats, rules, and bonus credit support. 🚦 Complementary meeting room display app for tablets. 👥 Member directory where admin can manage every customer and members can discover each other. 🌍 Direct andCards Spaces marketplace integration to get new customers. 📱 Awesome iOS, Android and web apps designed by @dzhebyan (me) and built by @rtkhanas @mykola_rybak @taras_chervinka @oleksandr_prokhorov @yeji We want to make it the best coworking software. Any feedback is welcome!
Taras Chervinka
Taras ChervinkaMaker@taras_chervinka
👋 Hello PH! I'm Taras, QA Engineer at andCards, always trying to make our coworking app perfect by finding bugs 🔎 and transporting them to @rtkhanas @oleksandr_prokhorov @mykola_rybak to smash them down 💪 , also trying to find ways how to make andCards easier to users 🥇. 😊 Would be happy to get some feedbacks and answer the questions.