andcards Kiosk

An app to help manage meeting room bookings

Display meeting room schedule at the door. andcards Kiosk makes room availability visible from a distance with color-coded backgrounds. Kiosk is free for andcards Suite.
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6 Reviews5.0/5
Hey hunters! andcards Kiosk is our neat little app to simplify meeting room booking experience. Often we find ourselves needing for a meeting room right now, and it's hard to quickly identify which one's available. With Kiosk, I can just glance around and see which one's free or available soon! It would be amazing to get your feedback on our overall look and feel, so we can make it even better.
Nice one, I’ve seen it in work and it’s really useful. I used to work as a coworking space manager and this is a solution for a pretty annoying problem of meeting room management. We used to track all our rooms in spreadsheets and then share then just share them with the space members, but would often encounter miscommunication problems. A major issue was that sometimes people didn’t know/check the room is occupied and kept opening meeting room doors during the ungoing meeting/workshop and interfering with others’ work process. Which would leave us, the coworking and it’s managers, with many complaints. This service seems like a good idea, this way both members and non-members of a space can see whether the room is available without extra moves aimed at trying to check spreadsheets or bothering a manager.
Thank you, @kseniya_maksimava! We do our best to make it easier to discover free meeting rooms.
Keep up the good work!

I would love to see this at every meeting room possible. Great experience!


Amazing technology which should be present in every building with more than 5 meeting rooms


Cannot sell to Facebook and co because they already have their own

Thanks for review, @oleg_zaremba! You'll be surprised to hear that Google for Startups campuses don't have a system like andcards Kiosk, so not all is lost 😂
Seems like a good project! Would love to try it in my coworking space!