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I really like the feel of this bot... just waiting for my recommendation to come back :) update: got good recommendations and I went back saying I've seen one and liked it but the other looked ok but a bit old. anything more recent... The whole experience does make you feel like there is someone sitting on the other end messaging you back Edit: As far as 'onboarding' and first use of a bot - I dont think I could've asked for a better experience with this. seriously. Im sure some people may disagree with film choices but to be honest, that is life and that is why so many companies try to tackle it ha. I could see myself using this bot again for sure
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@bentossell Thanks Ben! Ya, we tried really hard to make onboarding as quick and easy as possible. And I appreciate the comment about your experience. We think that movie recommendations can be designed as well as your favorite apps. Hopefully we're on our way to that!
Thanks @nbashaw for the Hunt! We built And Chill to give you movie recommendations that beat your expectations. We wanted to go deeper about the reasons why you like movies and allow you to really express those reasons to us. And we wanted you to have fun! :) So we designed an experience that we think requires just a small amount of effort, with the results being as relevant as it would be if you were getting a recommendation from a friend. By sending us a few messages per pick, here’s what we think you’ll see: - Shorter periods of browsing times, less mindlessly scrolling through Netflix asking ‘What should I watch?’ - Clearer movie matches, where movies are recommended based on exactly what you’re looking for - An intuitive movie recommendation experience. Say what you want or your movie preferences just as you’d like to say it. Get back a couple ultra-tailored picks Very happy to answer any questions from the community :) Please ask!
@leftearpod congrats Jake! And Chill looks great. Checking out the Facebook bot now. We'll see how it goes *fingers crossed* How long have you been at this and what's your favorite movie on Netflix?
@joshmuccio Thanks Josh! We've been working on this for several months now. Most recently we've been putting a lot of effort into Facebook Messenger, especially with how much they're emphasizing bots now! Favorite movie right now on Netflix is Into The Wild. It's just really interesting to me despite some saying that it's pretty sparse. It's motivational, but there are some ethics (good/bad) in there that have driven some great discussion with people!
I've been using this for a few days and I really like it. Writeup here:
@martinsfp Cheers Martin! We agree with you :) Movie recs through conversational UI has so many advantages. We get to hear directly from you about what you're looking for, in your own words. It gives us an edge in personalizing for everyone!
@martinsfp Killer article!
Not to be confused with &chill 😁
@rrhoover Hah! Saw them on Product Hunt a couple weeks ago threw one or two YouTube parties. Great product (and great URL too ;) ) Hope you get a chance to give our version a shot! :)
@rrhoover And also that teaches me a lesson to not postpone Product Hunt ever again 😊
@rrhoover Ahhh, this explains why we keep getting messages on our Facebook page asking what movie to watch. Very cool product, and now we know where to send them ;)
This is incredible, thank you for making this! Within minutes, I already got two solid recommendations of movies that I haven't already seen. A lot more than I can say for my own abilities. I've already delegated all my future film decisions to &Chill 💌
@bshins :) Thanks Brandon! We want to be as good at designing movie recs as Polymail is for email! 😀 We'll be ready for new picks for you any time!