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The easiest way to promote your podcast

Now it's easier than ever to make a great podcast trailer with a brand new feature for Anchor's free mobile app for iOS and Android. By recording a Trailer, you can spread the word about your show and build your audience right away.
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Hi everyone! Mike from Anchor, here. I’m thrilled to announce today’s launch of Anchor Trailers. Anchor Trailers enables podcast creators to easily record and publish a trailer for their show, and automatically turns it into a beautifully designed, transcribed video optimized for social sharing. Like many of Anchor's features, Trailers is designed to solve a specific challenge many podcasters face. In the case of Trailers, we're really focused on helping creators with one of podcasting's most fundamental hurdles: Discovery. We think that by encouraging creators to start thinking about sharing and promoting their podcast (and giving them tools and new types of content to do so) from day one will make it easy to not only get creators' podcasts distributed faster, but potentially discovered and heard by potential audiences. We'll be here all day on PH answering questions. Thanks!
@mignano this is exactly what I'm working on for @Take1Design right now. Going to try Anchor Trailers in addition to doing my video trailer editing on Descript. So pumped for this 🙌 Any favorite trailers that people have created so far? Any tips for making a great trailer?
@mignano congrats on this launch!
@scottmathson Thanks Scott!
@take1design @kunalslab Awesome, thanks! Keep it short, be descriptive, and let your audience know what your cadence will be (then stick to that cadence)!
@mignano Congrats on the launch. Great service. I'm having trouble finding the site. I see Medium articles and YouTube videos. I wanted to share it with some podcast-host contacts of mine.
@robert_zalaudek Sure! It's Thanks for the support!
Hey @mignano ! Congratulations on yet another great feature! Quick question, will you be highlighting trailers in app? How do you see this from a discovery standpoint? Will this be a Netflix preview like experience?
@eionscyne Hi Ki! While we're not yet sure of how we'll surface these trailers in the Anchor app, we'll definitely be sharing some of our favorites on our social media properties (Twitter, etc). Would definitely encourage you to tag us if you share yours so we make note if it!
Love the animation. Brilliant work.