ANCHOR Cable is a phone charging cable built to last - no fraying or fading away.

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Hey Everyone ! I worked with ANCHOR Labs, they will reply everyone as soon as Chris marks them as creators !
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🀣 That video! Would love to bring the makers into the discussion just to chat about what it was like filming that πŸ‘€
@abadesi Thanks , There is a whole story behind this Video , Creators will share it, as soon as they are set as creators by Chris.
This is a weird video
Love the idea :) Every Iphone-user needs this! :)
@ilya_azovtsev Thank you very much Ilya! Most of our team members are apple users as well)) So we made this product for ourselves at first!
I would love to have one.
@amieserrano Nice to hear! Thank you! Our crowdfunding campaign is still running on Indiegogo. You can pre-order there!
@dmovsis All of the delivery dates on your crowdfunding campaign are in 2017. When are you going to deliver a product?
@grberk Hey, It's actually a mistake by indiegogo, they are planning to ship after CNY !