Record Video in Mixed Reality

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Well hey there! 👋 HUGE thank you to @stringstory for hunting us! Do you know what happens when two people meet on Tinder? 🔥 They obviously co-found an app. @Andrew_Galaska and I met three years ago and have been tinkering on Anchor since 2015. Now we’re hitched and want to share Anchor with this amazing community. Anchor brings social to augmented reality! The first of its kind, the entire app is an interactive augmented reality experience where videos pinned to your current location spiral like a deck of cards around your screen. Move your phone and you’ll see anchors all around! Don’t see any yet? Be the first! Record videos with 3D animations, design your own immersive environment - add text, change the font, make it colorful. The possibilities are endless! Other cool things: - Explore videos in augmented reality all around the world - Capture memories with special effects including 3D animations and emojis (the penguin is our fav) - Save battery by recording in airplane mode and upload later on WiFi - Create custom Anchor Chains and tell a story on the map - Build your Anchor profile for others to discover - Customize your username, profile pic, and bio We are uber excited to hear from the Product Hunt community! We’re looking for honest feedback and are truly interested in your thoughts for UX design, usability, and applicability (or really any thoughts you have). Thank you and let us know what you think! *Disclaimer: we use the “Virtual Reality” term in our social accounts because let’s be honest, people can’t tell the difference between virtual, augmented, and mixed reality yet…but we’re trying to change that 😉
Nice idea but there will be branding issues due to popular Anchor audio recording app network. Not sure who was first but it doesn't matter at this point. There will be brand confusion if both Anchors take off. Just wanted to raise awareness early on in case the founders didn't know.
@paisano Thanks for your feedback! We were finishing beta when they launched. Originally we were bummed and sought advice on whether we should change. Ultimately we decided to run with our original brand due to our diverse functionality. They rock the anchorman function (podcast) and we focus on anchoring videos to a location. We're banking that users come based on our features vice our name. Not a perfect answer, but hope that explains our thinking :)
@caprihiggins Makes sense. Wish you the best of luck. I like the idea. For what it's worth, anchor makes more sense with what you're doing than their case.... never understood it until you mentioned the anchorman reference... but still... they would've been better served with a more descriptive name like ShoutOmatic did.... or AudioBoo.... I would've chosen BullHorn but that's me, Mr. Subtle. :) It will be interesting to see what happens. Even big brands with deep pockets like Facebook have had problems with brand confusion when they launched Paper when there was already an Award-winning app with that name. Then Dropbox launched its own Paper.... ugh....
Hi Capri and Andrew, The really cool thing about this app is that it adds Mixed Reality to travelling - it's next level Snapchat. I'm super curious, would you call, a social platform? And lastly who would benefit the most from using your app?
@stringstory Hi! We definitely are aiming for a social platform with Anchor's companion website ( - our goal is to create a network of discoverability in addition to some pretty cool special effects. From the past year of tweaking, we've seen wanderlust travelers enjoy Anchor as well as techies suffering from app fatigue. It's definitely a different experience and we are interested to hear feedback from each group!
Cooool! Looks really bold
@perpetuous Thank you!! We like bold 😎
This. looks. awesome. (Preface, don't have an iPhone) I'm a big fan of this idea - creating stories and leaving them places for others to see. The website is a sweet bonus as it could maybe help people get out and explore more too (not sure if this was on purpose, but an added bonus). Good luck on the whole "virtual reality"/augmented reality/mixed reality discussion!
@kevinguebert Thank you!! We have an Android wait list if you'd like to join 😄 That was definitely our goal with the website! We've been there where we don't want to commit to an app download upfront so the website helps users discover awesome anchors anywhere in the world. And yes, the whole reality "ball of yarn" is a tricky one!