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Looks like @23andwalnut is behind this. I don't know them personally, but have come across some of their other apps before. Although this one is free, with all the SaaS out there and a lot of business models trying to go recurring, it's refreshing to me how they go the other way. Some further reading about their thoughts about this:
@jabeuy Yep, it's one of mine. 23rd & Walnut is just one person at the moment :) The self-hosted software market is incredibly underserved right now. Anchor and Duet are my attempts to help fix that problem. I would love to people's thoughts/questions/criticisms on the product...or self hosted software in general.
@saelamin I'm actually working on an invoicing app myself which is why I took a look at Anchor. It integrates with a backend accounting system, so I don't think we'll be butting heads :) Some people want to control their data, while some prefer the convenience of SaaS. Maybe I missed it in your post about biz models, but granted that it won't take too many changes (in my case), why not do both options for your apps?
@jabeuy Regarding Duet - there are sooo many SaaS project management apps out there, it's very difficult to differentiate yourself. Duet's value proposition is linked to the fact that it's self hosted. I think it would be very difficult to compete if I were to go the SaaS route. Just look at, it was a great product, backed by Salesforce, and it still ended up getting shut down. SaaS might be an option for Duet (or Anchor) in the future, but for right now I think it's best for me to stay focused on the segment of the market I'm most likely to succeed in, even if it's smaller.
Why are there so many invoicing apps out there? Has this not been solved, yet?
@TheNickFrost I don't believe there are any 100% free self hosted invoicing apps out there.
I actually love this product, though I had trouble with the initial configuration. Eventually I got it working and the few clients that I send invoices to love it as well. I'll have to take another look, but I'd love to hook it up with a transactional email service to make sure the invoices get delivered properly. I have had a few go to junk or just get blocked (yes I know that's just my domain), and using send grid or something with this would be super cool.
Very nice but I guess this is not free anymore?