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Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell ·
I love the idea of diving into my family past, but the cost always put me off - I dont know why but I feel like it should cost next to nothing or nothing! (I know that is not fair for the company/people who do the research) How much does this cost? How do you plan to grow at scale while having physical researchers doing the work?
Wesley Eames
Wesley Eames@wesleyeames · Founder @ancestorcloud
@bentossell hi Ben, we've found a way via a marketplace to significantly drive down that cost for you. Right now for ~$250 you can get your family tree four generations back, and all the pictures and stories that go along with it.
Dustin Richard Locke
Dustin Richard Locke@dustinlocke · Designer
Genealogy is so much harder than I want it to be. Good work, guys. Can't wait to give it a shot.
Wesley Eames
Wesley Eames@wesleyeames · Founder @ancestorcloud
@dustinlocke thanks Dustin! Happy to help you hunt down your family.
Wesley Eames
Wesley Eames@wesleyeames · Founder @ancestorcloud
Hey PH! I'm the creator of AncestorCloud. Happy to answer any questions here. We built AC to enable everyone, not just people who already research, to discover their family. We have the world's largest network of expert genealogists here to help you.
Dil-Dominé Jacobe Leonares
Dil-Dominé Jacobe Leonares@dildomine · Founder and CEO, Verified Collection
This is a great startup and part of the TechStars family! Keep up the great work you're doing Wesley and team. Looking forward to tracking your growth and success.
Joshua Dance
Joshua Dance@joshdance · Engineer, Product, athlete, indie hacker
Very cool product serving a great need. I need a Scottish researcher. Hop on AncestorCloud, and done. Great work guys.