Anaxi connects your teams’ Jira and GitHub projects in one cross-project task management, analytics, and communication platform for better evaluation, prioritization and collaboration. Your data remains secure and inaccessible, even from us. All metrics are computed directly within your device.

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Thanks Nicolas for hunting us again! Hey everyone! We’re very happy to launch our integration of Jira for Anaxi. You can now connect all your Jira Cloud and Jira Server accounts, in addition to your GitHub ones, and add all your projects. We will import your favorite filters so you don’t have to port them. You will be able to edit them as you please, in a much more easier than on Jira itself! You will also find quite a few other things to nibble on this new version! We added new metric to your pull requests: complexity. We compute this metric based on the number of files touched, the number of lines of code changed, whether the code is some refactoring, new code or code churn. You will see your first productivity charts. We compute the number of lines of code added and removed, the code churn and the effort in refactoring for the past week. This will help you understand your team’s work pattern, but also how much goes to pay down technical debt. We’re just getting started on this. Tell us what you think and what you would love to have! Rest assured that all your information stays safe and secure, as no information will be stored outside of your device or any server. Anaxi won’t have access to any of it. You can connect ALL your projects with peace of mind. That’s what Anaxi is about. Making your life easier and enabling you to make smart decisions faster. And you can’t do that if you’re worrying about your data! Try it out, and let us know what you think!!
@verstaen Congrats Marc! 💪 💪 💪
@liamboogar Thanks! I'm very proud of our team! Stay tuned!
@verstaen Well done Anaxi Team, you're on the way to solve one of the biggest pains that engineering teams have today!
Since they launched few months ago Anaxi For GitHub , I am a big fan of Anaxi. It has been part of my daily morning routine. I check the app on my commute and find directly what's new on my current open issues and pull requests. This works great on Github, but today they are launching a JIRA integration. With this new integration I can now cover almost 100% of the issues I am involved in and easily track progress on our projects. Good job Anaxi team!