Anaxi For GitHub

Reporting for your software projects

Anaxi helps you understand the state of your GitHub projects through customizable reports. Monitor the number of blockers and have a better sense of quality for your next version. See the distribution of issues or pull requests across your team. Our reports are computed directly within the app. Your data remains secure & inaccessible, even from us

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Thanks Nicolas for hunting us! Hey everyone! We’re very excited to unwrap today Anaxi’s first product: a very simple iOS application to help you understand and follow the state of your GitHub projects, closed or open source. Anaxi uses a direct connection to GitHub, so no external access to your data is granted. You can create all types of reports to monitor your issues and pull requests. We are very eager to learn what you think and where you want us to go with Anaxi! I’ve had the concept of Anaxi in mind since I left Apple in 2015. It resonated even more with me while I was EVP Engineering at Docker. I was struck by the poor visibility we had from the best ticketing tools and code sourcing tools on the market. As engineers, we built great tools for other departments, why didn’t we build one for ourselves? With this first version, you will be able to get the full picture of all your projects at one glance, through customizable reports. Rest assured that all your information stays safe and secure, as no information will be stored outside of your device or any server. Anaxi won’t have access to any of it. You can connect ALL your projects with peace of mind. That’s what Anaxi is about. Making your life easier and enabling you to make smart decisions faster. And you can’t do that if you’re worrying about your data! Try it out, and let us know what you think!!
Staying on top of all your projects on Github is not an easy task... You have many pull requests open across many different repos, some need more your attention than others as a release is coming soon... This is exactly what Anaxi is doing for you, putting clarity and priority in your projects on Github, definitively a must have for all the engineers in your team. At the moment I am also using it for my personal projects and open source contributions. Can't wait to see what's coming next!
Downvoted / reported for spamming. Never subscribed for their mailing lists — received two emails on different accts.
Spamming a list of totally random PH users is definitely not a way to start your product IMO.
@_iamale_ Very sorry about how you feel. It was actually not random as we saw you upvoted a related project and thought you could be interested. Thanks Alexander for your feedback, we will know better next time.