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The community find tremendous value in products that help compare different tools/resources for their startup. There are a few different options to pick from now which is awesome, but competitive! Siftery does a great job and launched recently, I'm sure it will be tough competition. The design of the site is easier on the eye to me than this site. It feels more 'playful' where I'm happy clicking around and seeing what happens. Startup Stash and Marketing Stack are more about less choice but curation as the value prop. This site looks like you can compare multiple tools and I'm sure many of the community will find this valuable. How do you aim to compete with the likes of Siftery though?
@bentossell Hey Ben, Thanks for adding Analyzo to Product Hunt! I co-founded Analyzo with Rubin. Analyzo helps start-ups and businesses find software based on their requirement. Users can filter down products/plans based on pricing and features they need. Siftery helps users discover products based on companies that are using them. Our research team uses sites like Siftery (among others) to find the best software tools in each category. We then add in details about each product including their plans and features. We standardize the features across the category which enables user to narrow down on products/plans based on a feature they need (Using a parametric search tool). For example, if you take the category E-Commerce Software: Siftery: Analyzo: Siftery lists over 50 products which are used by companies. On Analyzo, users can narrow down on the listed products/plans based on their budget and requirement - i.e My budget is $20/Month and I want to add about 100 products to my site. It tells the user what products/plans would fit this requirement. We have about 150 categories listed on the site at the moment. We have added parametric search tools to about 50 of these categories, the others show as simple listing pages at the moment. We are working hard on adding this data, so all 150 categories will support parametric search soon :)
@bentossell Thanks for the shoutout Ben!
Great resources there. Good job guys. I especially love the comparison feature, it makes it more efficient by not having the need of making manual spreadsheets. How you plan to monetize this?
Thanks @pedram92d we are still trying to figure it out. We're not sure if lead generation is a sustainable model, and our biggest priority is to always remain unbiased. We have a lot more features and functionalities under development so we should have a clearer monetization strategy in a few months. Always open to suggestions though :)
@rubinsabharwal @pedram92d This is really helpful - one idea / thought is to see how the Wirecutter team able to stay unbiased with reviews while generating income?
Thanks @shreenath I think the wirecutter team has done an excellent job being transparent about their business. The reason why lead generation is not a sustainable business model for us is because users tend to research software from multiple resources for a longer period of time before committing to it. We want to emulate wirecutter's success while maintaining a similar level of transparency for Analyzo as well.
Thanks @bentossel and Product hunt for featuring us! Analyzo is the result of me and my cofounder’s struggles while running our own internet companies. We were always looking for products to help us run our companies, but could not trust the blogs or software listing marketplaces. We are a completely unbiased software comparison tool that even lets you compare the products across their different plans. We’ve worked very hard collecting this data and are constantly trying to update it. Please give us feedback as we are always trying to make the website more useful. As for competing with the likes of Siftery, We are trying to help our users choose the best software for their requirements and not on the basis of what other companies are using. Thanks again for featuring us we are super excited! I’ll be here answering questions all day Rubin
@rubinsabharwal my question as above :)
@bentossell Siftery has done a great job in collecting the tech stacks of different companies a lot like Stackshare. Yet what may hold true for the companies listed may not necessarily apply to the individual users. For example, the payment gateway used by Airbnb may not necessarily serve the requirements of a small startup. Different companies of different sizes have different requirements. We try to make it easier for the users by telling them that as per our research these are the best products in the market, these are their different plans, and based on the parameters most useful to you, you can narrow down to the closest product+plan fit for yourself. An example of this is let’s say you are looking for an Invoicing Tool that is Free, provides Unlimited Invoices, supports Stripe as its payment gateway, and provides Time Tracking. Analyzo lets you narrow it down to this I hope I managed to answer your question :)
Nobody made a best of the best startup tools yet?
@scomopolitan lol we were thinking about adding this as a category :) Though on a serious note our approach is different from the others. Rather than just showing users a list of products in each category, we have developed customized filters in each category, which can be used to find the perfect product/plan fit. Users can narrow down on products and their plans based on their budget and other feature requirements. For example check out the Form Builders Category here: - You can find products/plans based on price, number of submissions etc. You can even compare plans from different vendors. We are still adding this data for many categories and hope to have everything listed in the next couple of months.
@raghavkap The filtering feature is amazing indeed great job. A must have free tools to use like GA/ GWT / Asana / Slack etc... category coud be helpful
@scomopolitan that's a good idea, will create a list of free products for the various categories. Thanks for the suggestion.
I feel that the startup community would definitely find value in this. Being a non-tech founder, I can see the volume of time I would have saved had I known about a website like this when we were starting out. Discovery would definitely be better. I think the stronger point would be building a community that can give us the best of the best curated tools (someone mentioned that in the comment below and I agree). This is a bit more detailed in comparison to Siftery, which I liked.