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Daniel Li
Fullstack JavaScript Developer
This little gem is an ugly ducking. It looks like something from the 90s, but it provides a wealth of tools. Giving you basic text statistics, helps you identify the most common words and/or phrases, analyse the readability of your text using multiple indices, analyse the lexical density and the use of passive voice in your text.
Lynn Fredricks
President, Paradigma Software
I have to agree with Daniel. It is ugly but quite useful. If you rely on writing to do whatever you do, this kind of analysis will inform you of the mistakes you are making - even the ones you thought you didn't make anymore.
Perfect! Just what I was looking for.
This is really nice in combination with @750words and @HemingwayApp.
Aram Shahinyan
Co-founder at inKin Corporate Wellness
Great idea, but as mentioned above, horrible design from 90s. Hope you will find someone to make it look a bit more fresh and sexy.
DuylamGraphic Design & Programming
@aramiggs is the design really that bad? it's kind of cute and kitschy.
@aramiggs @einfalles1 well, let's say it's kind of cute and kitschy and also it tries to prevent you from using it with pleasure..
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