Test the spam-y-ness of your emails

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No reviews yet gives an in-depth analysis on the deliverability and/or spammyness of your emails. It checks your email on broken links, DNS, DKIM, SPF etc. And it's still for free :-D
@wilbertheinen how long does it take to update the status/changes? For example, our domain was blacklisted by SORBS, but we managed to get off the blacklist on 4th of January and confirms it (and SORBS team confirmed it), yet I can see with your tool that we're still blacklisted in their record. Would love to know more :)
@rsekulic We're checking on the IP adress of the sending server (not on the domain used in the email address). Blacklistings are validated in realtime. You can lookup listings on sorbs through their website:
This is fantastic. Thank you for making it.
@scottwyden Thank you and you're welcome!
Awesome product. Instantly fell in luv. Just grabbed the auto generated email and used it to register on my site. After a minute or 2, I got the report. Great. Where are the suggestions to improve the score? My score is 6. Is that good enough?
@sridhar_kondoji Hi SRI, thank you for your positive reply! You can scroll down to see the report, the report is divided into several categories in which you can see how you can improve your score. You can also click the 'arrow down' button on the bottom right corner to scroll through the report. A score of 6 can be improved so take the challenge to score a 10!
@jeroen_verschoor Ah, I did this on my mobile phone and it was bit challenging. Thx
Hi @wilbert - I really like this. Would be nice to integrate with our email SaaS Superscribe: -- any thoughts about opening up an API?
@raisonco That's quite a good idea but it will take some time. I will create an API when there is enough interest!
Hmm, it doesn't work. It stops right after 121/121 blacklist checks. Nothing happend then. @wilbertheinen for how long you have to wait for the data? Does anyone have the same issue?
@ivanlucansky I haven't seen any issues on my application today. It was a little but slow, though.. Did you had any luck with a second check (using a new generated email address)?