Analytify for WordPress

Reshaping Google Analytics in WordPress

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@_jacksmith Thanks for your support people. would love to hear your comments/feedback about the product.
@hiddenpearls How is this different from the standard views a user would get in GA? (E.g. Behavior / Acquisition / etc).
@mblevin This product shows the views, users, behavior under the posts and pages in Admin section of WordPress. Same Analytics can be visible at front-end. You can see it at the end of this post
I think your biggest competitors are the free plugins available, eg the Google Analytics Dashboard: What added value do you have over the other free plugins? Is there a Lite version avialable?
@rossdcurrie No, we don't have the free version yet but we are launching it very soon. We are different then free plugins because we are giving a tons of stats under the pages/posts and custom post types in wp-admin and front-end. We are simplifying the Analytics and time savor.
@hiddenpearls Cool - I think you'll really need to make sure you highlight the aspects that are better than the plugins out there already, and as somone mentioned above, why is it better than the regular google analytics. I run about 10 wordpress sites and while I'll admit it looks pretty good, I'm not sold at this point.
@rossdcurrie Regular Google Analytics is complex in nature and It takes time to fetch your required information. Whereas In Analytify, you get everything on 1 click. I would mention that Analytify is perfect for beginner and Intermediate WordPress users not for Advance users who are master in Google Analytics already. hope you got my point ?
The name is a bit interesting :P
@rajamatage Thank you! I suggest you try this tool once ;)
@rajamatage It's good to see a Googler here btw I was Google Student Ambassador 2013 ;)
@hiddenpearls @rajamatage and i suggest you to promote your product on Wordpress Hunt. ;)
i love the idea. been trying it on a few sites now. but i also like visual graphs like the free plugins offer. any plans on adding that?