Analytics Bar 2.0

Realtime Google Analytics in your menu bar 📈

#4 Product of the DayJanuary 26, 2019

Analytics Bar 2.0 is a menu bar app displaying realtime Google Analytics of all your websites.

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Congrats on v2, @gfunkeraapps. I remember downloading v1 but didn't feel comfortable logging in with my username and password within the app. I'm paranoid 😅 but it looks like you found a solution to that. It would be nice if I could demo a trial before paying $20.
@rrhoover Thanks again for all your support! For me, I absolutely love this app. It does exactly what I need (scratching my own itch) and I stand by 100%. With that, I definitely have no issue in refunding anyone who's dissatisfied (within a reasonable time of course). But I will tell you, I haven't had to refund a single person thus far so I think the app speaks for itself for many😄
@gfunkeraapps that's awesome. What data is shared with your backend? I.e. can you see the metrics being reported through the app?
@rrhoover Great question! This is what I'm most proud of with the app is its security in mind. Absolutely Zero data is shared anywhere. I literally don't even have a backend supporting the app except for the app itself. It's fully contained and running solely on your machine. All Google Analytics requests are securely transferred between the locally running app (for display only) and Google and that's it! Also, the app doesn't even store or cache any Google Analytics data whatsoever. What you see is live stats always at every request. TL;DR I have zero possible access and cannot see any metrics being reported through the app.
@gfunkeraapps brilliant. Users will appreciate it but that also limits your liability if there was ever a security breach.
@gfunkeraapps I just purchased and entered the key provided but I'm getting an error: "Sorry, having trouble accessing your account(s). Please verify and try again."
Hello PH Analytics Bar has been completely overhauled for both macOS and Windows. If you remember the previous version was pretty much ugly and had no way to customize the look. I'm excited to share with you version 2.0 which looks and feels and is 100% better. Key features 🔥 ✔️ Branded logos😍 ✔️ Fully editable display ✔️ Setting your own refresh rate! ✔️ Supports multiple sites ✔️ Displays realtime and today stats ✔️ No username or password signin Thanks for taking a peak. Let me know what you think! Greg
Great idea, Greg!
@shepovalovdenis Thank you good sir!
Nice work Greg! Just grabbed a copy :) seems to be working great so far!
@guillaumebardet Great to hear:) Thanks!