Analytics Bar

Realtime Google Analytics in your taskbar 📈

Analytics Bar is a taskbar app which conveniently delivers real time / current Google Analytics stats for the day of all your tracked websites and/or apps.

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Hello PH 👋 This is my first ever launch on Product Hunt. Actually, this is my first ever launch of a Windows app. Usually, I’m in the weeds creating websites so I’m super excited and scared at the same time to release this 😱 All of my websites have Google Analytics tracking and like many of you I take a look at my traffic on a daily basis (multiple times a day in fact). However, I really hate opening the browser and typing in Google Analytics and logging in and having to sift through all my sites and changing the range to today just to see how my sites are doing for the day. So I thought to myself, man I wish there was an easier way, like an “at a glance” type of solution. I thought what better place to see your stats then in my taskbar. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any solution for this. It appears that Windows gets no love in the taskbar department🤔 Apparently, it’s extremely difficult to do so which I assume is why we haven’t seen much activity here. That’s when I decided to investigate myself how I could achieve this on my own. And the journey did prove to be an incredible feat, but I was able to painstakingly push through and actually build the thing. And it actually works!! 😊 I have many more feature ideas, but I would love to hear from you all in hopes of making this even better than I could dream up. Thanks for the taking a look. As a special bonus for you PH’s, here are some discount codes you may use. ‘producthunt5’ (limit of 5) ‘producthunt10’ (limit of 10)
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I've been looking for something like this for years (granted, I haven't been looking very hard). Unfortunately, I'm on Mac. Any plans to expand, @gfunkeraapps?
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@rrhoover Absolutely! Luckily, I just recently gained access to a Mac so I'm able to build it. I'm in the works of setting that all up now and hopefully get something by this month or next 😊 Thanks for your interest!
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@gfunkeraapps awesome! Looking forward to it.
@vasco_barbosa I 👀 thanks for the find. I feel these are lacking in something. Sensing a competitive space here 😊
@gfunkeraapps true. none in windows. one is very basic , the other is yearly paid subscription , u have alot of space to grow...
Great job!! 😊 Kudos for making it for Windows !! Would love more useful and unique interface for the taskbar. I know it super difficult to it but you will do a fine job with it.
@ayush_chandra Thanks! I appreciate the shout out for Windows! I agree, would love to see more useful stuff for the taskbar as well, it truly doesn't get enough love.
Woah! Great stuff, Greg. The first thing I checked is whether it's a Mac app but luckily no. 🤷‍♂️ Most projects on Product Hunt are either for Mac or iPhone. :D
@rafyasarmatta Thanks! Really appreciate the support and others finding this app useful for windows. You're so right most things here are Mac based. I just launched yet another one today (the precursor to this app) hoping to get same amount of support 😊, however it's not currently featured so might wind up in the weeds 🌾
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@gfunkeraapps Ah! Nice. Upvoted and all the best. This seems like Twitter version Of Year in Progress. Although I don't remember the username.
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