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Hello Product Hunt!! I'm super excited to introduce you to a product I've been working on a while now! I feel that Marketing Data Analysis is extremely underrated in small and medium companies, most of the time people can't answer simple questions like which channels drives most engagement or which pages perform the best. I believe that this is because nowadays it's really complicate to get out this information from the insane amount of data we collect, so I decided to learn to code and I've build! will show exactly which metrics are performing poorly (they will be marked in red) and which ones are performing well (they will be marked in green!). On top of that we track uptime for all the sites in the platform and you will also be able to track your search engine ranking for specific keywords. What's next will depend a lot on your feedback but I'm currently implementing smart insights, then I want to integrate Goals and then add a better social media section connecting directly the Facebook & Twitter API. You can see a live demo at and if you decide to try it out (here: use the coupon early-user for a 40% lifetime discount (with unlimited sites tracked!!) I'm looking forward for your feedback!!
Understanding data gathered in Google Analytics, is definitely not an easy task. The idea of creating simple dashboards sounds smart! Plus the pricing is crystal-clear!
I've been beta testing this for a while and it's always been a pleasure to use it for linguician. Especially liked the SEO functionality