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Episode Synopsis: Andrew Schorr, CEO and co-founder of Grata.co, joined us for an interesting discussion to dissect the platform and ecosystem behind Wechat in China. Starting from his journey with building three startups including Grata.co across 11 years in China, he discussed how Wechat has changed the landscape for both startup founders and major corporations and brands in China. We covered the different types of official accounts (equivalent to Facebook pages or apps) in Wechat and how the developers leverage on the platform to acquire users and test their startup ideas quickly. Developing on our discussion on Wechat, Andrew shared what it means to be successful in content marketing within China, and the dos and don'ts of growth hacking with Wechat. Last but not least, Andrew offered the perspective that how being successful in Wechat can port any app in the world across the other and upcoming messaging app platforms such as LINE, Telegram, Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp.