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Bernard Leong
Bernard LeongHunter@bleongcw · Founder @AnalyseAsia
Episode Synopsis: Anna Fang, partner and CEO of ZhenFund joined us in a conversation to discuss early stage investment and startup ecosystem in China. We traced her serendipitous route on how she become an early stage investor by working with Xu Xiaoping, a famous super angel investor in China that led to building up ZhenFund. Anna also shared her investment thesis and the interesting companies under ZhenFund’s portfolio from China to Silicon Valley. We also chatted on ZhenFund’s focus on people and thinking in what they look for in founders and startups in a highly competitive startup ecosystem in China. Last but not least, Anna shared her thoughts on whether China is closing the gap with Silicon Valley and the startup ecosystem in China hovering within the Baidu-Alibaba-Tencent (BAT) axis.