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#4 Product of the DayMarch 03, 2018
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Analog.Cafe is A blogging platform for film photographers.

It is an open-source, community blogging platform built around images and stories created with analogue cameras. Submissions are taken in through a first-class, offline-first Composer tool that lets authors participate in community collaborative pieces.

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Ishtiaq Rahman
Lee Webb
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    Beautifully built, it looks great, and is easy and intuitive to add your words and pictures and upload them.


    Would like an option for smaller images in the middle of the screen. Right now it's only huge full size or small and offset to the left.

    Great to see Analog Cafe live and giving a unique platform for the film photography community. Long may it live and grow.

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joshua@thewrongjoshua · Student
What perfect timing! I recently began taking film photos on a Canon A-1 (in fact I only got my first developed photos a few weeks ago), and this seems like the perfect place to grow as a photographer :)
dmitrizzleMaker@dmitrizzle · Travel, startups & film photography.
@thewrongjoshua That's awesome, Joshua! There's a whole world of cameras and film out there; it's not dead yet ;)
Ishtiaq Rahman
Ishtiaq RahmanHunter@buildanything · Archie.AI |
I backed the Kickstarter project last year so I'm excited to see it launch. Thanks, @dmitrizzle for building this awesome platform. Long live film-photography!
dmitrizzleMaker@dmitrizzle · Travel, startups & film photography.
Thanks for hunting this, Ish! Hey Product Hunt! This is a bit of old, a bit of new; with some art and some tech. Hope you like it! Film photography is a tangible experience, unlike anything else in this digital age. I love the experience of using amazingly-looking old analogue cameras. And the entire process, filled with wonder and anticipation. I wanted to create a community where people could share their film photography stories on a modern, authorship-based platform. This project got its roots in a Kickstarter campaign last year that ended up being 140% funded. A few key points about Anlog.Cafe: - Share your film photography work with a like-minded community. - Tell your story using community photos or contribute yours. - Powered by an open-source blogging platform. Would love to know what you guys think.
Shamraiz Gul
Shamraiz Gul@shamraizgul · User Experience Architect
This is great, I was just thinking of sharing my experiences of initially failing at film photography and slowly embracing it to the point that I have more film cameras than digital. This seems like a perfect tool to share this journey.
dmitrizzleMaker@dmitrizzle · Travel, startups & film photography.
@shamraizgul Thanks Shamraiz, looking forward to having your origins story published on the website!