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Hey hunters! Kiki, thank you so much for hunting us. We’ve initially launched Amplifr on the Russian and Eastern European markets 1.5 years ago and went through a lot to get from there to ProductHunt launch today. Amplifr is publishing and analytics app for social media and messenger channels, like Buffer, Hootsuite or SproutSocial. Yes, that’s a pretty crowded market. I believe there’s a huge room for improvement, though. We've reached the moment when I can proudly answer the “so what's different about Amplifr?” question, so here we are. First off, Amplifr works with Telegram channels. We’re working on the other messaging platforms as well. Amplifr also “inlines” analytics in your daily workflow: from time slot suggestions to content metrics right in the calendar. Analytics is bundled up in every plan, and is knitted together with the content calendar; you can see how your content performs on the same page you schedule an update. As Kiki says, you'll also get a separate Analytics tab in the app and a digest email every week, month (and soon, an option to get a digest daily). Also, Amplifr has click counter bundled in with and link shorteners, so you’ll not only know how many people like your content but how much traffic you drove from social media. And every link will be automatically tagged with UTM tags (opt-in for non-shortened links). We don’t have a free plan. Use the promo code “YAYPRODUCTHUNT” to get your first month for free. Also, HMU if you’re in a non-profit organisation to get a 50% discount. Sooo I’d be happy to answer your questions, hit me up! UPD: anyone knows LinkedIn & Google+ API team product managers? We really want to talk to them 😼
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@xnutsive Congrats! Awesome to see you on board, Nate! :)
@alexstrvinsky, that's a good one, Sasha :3
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The gang at Amplifr have been working hard at perfecting their social media scheduler, and I've got to say their rate of improvement is astounding--I doubt it will be recognizable again in three months! Right now, consider it a little like Buffer, if Buffer took data-laden steroids. I love getting the weekly "social media digest" that's a bunch of graphs and statistics right in my mailbox, guilting me into checking my status!
@kikischirr, yeah that weekly digest is the magic retention booster ;)
Nice project! I didn't quite understand about analytics... What's the real value for business? It's just save my time looking through multiple social media accounts or there is something more?
@myakov, good question. For a small company, the value is seeing actual amounts of traffic from social media to the website. Not the likes&comments, but traffic. I'd recommend setting up a google analytics dashboard for social media and setting up conversions you can track the impact of social in assisted conversions there. We're actually doing the GA integration which will allow us to show conversions and revenue per each post per day on our dashboard ;) For bigger companies or media companies, the biggest value they say they get is unifying their publishing infrastructure, planning ahead and rescheduling tons of their content based on the content performance. All that inevitably leads to 📈 in, again, traffic.
@xnutsive If we are talking about SMB, traffic analytics is a great thing. But there is one challenge. The key is to track real traffic source. One person can come to your website from Twitter, but his actual path was like this: ProductHunt -> Your Website -> Facebook page -> Twitter -> And then Conversion on website. And the other one will come through: Facebook search -> Facebook page -> Conversion on website It's a big challenge for me to separate these two cases, find first-in traffic source and measure how social media really helps me to follow-up (for example PR) and to acquire new customers. If your customers are really facing this problem, like me, maybe this deep analytics feature can provide a massive value.
@myakov, currently we do (opt-in) UTM tagging on all links our users post. You can also set up your own UTM tagging templates. Whenever that link will be copied, reposted, shared via messenger or anything, you will know the real source via the UTM tags. But that obviously does not cover the scenario when the user first knew about your service from say adwords ad, been on the website, and then clicked again on your post on Facebook and made purchase. We currently don't support multichannel conversion tracking, it's just not our thing. What we're going to start with, is a simple integration with Google Analytics goals tracking, matching posts made from Amplifr via tricky UTM's, so we can see all the assisted (ie somewhere in the purchase path) conversions for each post with their value (revenue). That will still not be enough to track first touch sources, but that will be great to see the conversions impacted by social.
@xnutsive @myakov now if you make all of that easy to understand as well as having tutorials to set up, you've got a winner. I've never done any of that because it feels too complicated
Good luck, guys!
@levkangin, thanks Leo! 🙏