Smart, light and fast e-bike that looks like a regular bike

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Indrek Mossov
Co-Founder, CTO at Guaana
I'm kind of bike geek and love everything about bicycles, so few weeks ago @ardo_kaurit and @hannes gave me a test drive with their hand made electric bike (this was my first time with e-bike). My first question was about how should i drive with it and where is this secret gas button... it came out that you just have to peddle as with regular bicycle and it is smart enough to do everything else. So when I was driving uphill it made me feel that there is no hill at all... this brings smile to your face. And one other thing ... this thing is FAST, it was driving around 22mph! (maybe because I tried a bit modified version, without speed limit:)) I'm a huge fan of this product and team! Go Ampler! PS! Check their Indigogo campaign (already reached 124%) -
Ardo Kaurit
Founder of Ampler Bikes
Huge Thank You Indrek for hunting us! I am Ardo Kaurit, one of the three founders of Ampler Bikes and I happy to have Ampler being hunted on Product Hunt. At Ampler Bikes we are creating true 21st century bicycles, bikes that you are keen to hop on every day whether you are on your way to your office, home or to the cafe. We are designing electric bikes not because they are electric, but because electric assist on bicycles has tremendous potential and could widen the audience of bicycle commuters to a point where we could see them being the most popular vehicle in cities. Riding Ampler is simple - you simply cycle. The smart electronics fitted within the frame measure the power you apply and simply match it, making pedaling lighter and getting places quicker. Ampler bikes ride, look and feel like regular bikes. Starting at 14 kg (31 lbs), Ampler is just as light as a normal bicycle and 35% lighter than the average electric bike. We believe in the vast possibilities of electric mobility and we won`t stop here. It`s been two intense years now, two brand names, three fully functional models and a large number of prototypes and tested motors, sensors and stuff to develop current Ampler models. Please share your word about our product, we would love to hear your thoughts and comments. Our already successful Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign is coming to an end soon, just 3 days left. PS! Shipping and taxes to US, Canada and Europe are already included in the price, no hidden costs :)
Tried it this weekend. Works like magic, isn't really THAT expensive (compared to some fancy regular bikes) and looks cool. Up-vote the sh*t out of this one, for sure :)
Siim LepiskCEO, Prototron start-up fund
Lovely bikes indeed! Tried these a year ago first time - very high quality and running smoothly. A true Tesla of bicycles. Also love the #prototronAlumni coModule tracking system!
Priit PärnaFounder & Developer of Surfzone
Best designed and built electric bikes hands down.
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