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Hey Product Hunters! John from Amplemarket here. I'm really happy to see that amplemarket was featured on PH and I'm excited to hear your thoughts on the product. Amplemarket is a sales assistant that helps you get from lead to call as soon as possible. In practice you just need to set up an email for your sales assistant, tell him who is your target customer so that he can generate you leads and he will do all the email hard work of getting that potential customer to a call (we use AI and machine learning to learn from your sales data and reply to prospects during the email campaigns). Once your assistant schedules a call, he immediately adds it to your calendar. This way you don't waste time on cold prospecting tasks and warming up leads and you can focus on actually talking to people that are already interested in your product. It's that magical: you tell your sales assistant who's your customer and he adds calls to your calendar :)
Can we get some pricing info? And do you have any geographical restrictions? Are you global from day one or can the AI only work in US English and harvest US business contacts?
@bigyahu Pricing works on a per lead basis. It depends on whether you are providing the leads or we are sourcing them. At the moment we only work in English but we can source leads from any country. Other languages are in the works.
What lead enrichment data comes with the leads you pull? Does your assistant do A/B testing on outbound email messaging? Can you determine if a positive response is from a decision maker or not - aka is it even worth taking the meeting? So many questions! Very cool concept...
@mike_benson We often get more than 80 data points for each lead: name, title, social media profiles, industry, employee count, $ raised, tech they use, ad spend etc. Absolutely, your assistant will craft and A/B test your outbound email messaging. After your assistant gets a reply from a prospect, that's the next task - to figure out if it's worth passing on that lead to the sales rep at your company. We are pretty good at this. The assistant will usually exchange a number of messages with the prospect before deciding whether or not to schedule a call between them and the sales rep.
Transparency on pricing would be nice here.
@mark_levell Unfortunately I can't yet share a pricing table with you here. That said, if you want to talk more shoot an email to john@amplemarket.com
Yeah, I'd love to see pricing info?
@swetzequity Pricing works on a per lead basis. It depends on whether you are providing the leads or we are sourcing them.
@johnvcarroll okay, what would some example prices be in either scenario?
@swetzequity happy to talk to you about this via email or phone. john@amplemarket.com
@johnvcarroll Thanks John! I just sent you an email, I hope to connect soon.