Optimal nutrition in a bottle.

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I’m quite into healthy diet stuff and had recently been experimenting with probiotics and probiotics such as green banana and things like cacao powder. So when I came across Ample and found all the ingredients to be legit, I was really excited. Every single ingredient is legit. I reached out to the founder and got connected. I’ve previously used Soylent and I'm a big big fan of that company, I think they're going to be hugely successful in the future and I'm looking forward to seeing their future products. But in the short-term, I must admit that I haven’t drunk it for a long time. The main ingredient today of Soylent is maltodextrin - a cheap food additive; it also contains an artificial sweetener in sucralose, which I’m trying to avoid. For now, Ample is ideal for people like me, who are health conscious. I couldn’t make a more ideal set of ingredients, and having tried it recently, I can confirm that it tastes great. Maybe a bit like silent, but more nutty (from the macadamia nuts that are in it). Here’s a Q&A that they put together because they get asked about how it compares to Soylent so much: Ample is already pretty cheap; but the team have been kind enough to put together two special offers for product hunt users, that give you an extra 10% off: - Secret link for a pack of the 400cal bottles: - Secret link for a pack of the 600cal bottles:
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@_jacksmith I've tried Ample as well. Great for when your in the office all day
@_jacksmith Interesting I'll add this to my Healthy Diet 2.0 collection
@_jacksmith super useful info, thanks Jack!
@_jacksmith Flexible funding always worries me. You actually have tried the real thing? They are shipping?
@joshdance yes, I've tried it, packaging looks great and tastes great. They've already manufactured a load of it. Very low risks to shipping vs other Indiegogo/Kickstarter campaigns
Hey guys! I'm the founder of Ample! AMA!
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@connor_p_young hey, I know you! You're a trainer. I took your classes at the gym a few times. You're the best I ever trained with. I had no idea you were doing this.
haha heck yes, @andrewwarner! I remember your first handstand hold on a box, and your rope climb. You were freaking awesome! Unfortunately I can't coach anymore and sold my CrossFit gym: #startuphours. Lets get together soon and catch up!
@connor_p_young just bought in. Excited to try it. I've never had a meal replacement before.
@connor_p_young this is interesting and great timing on @_jacksmith as I've been trying to find something for when we are out planting or harvesting.
@natelegler @_jacksmith awesome! glad to hear it! also, props for being a 5th generation farmer. hard to do. what do you grow?
Soylent gives me man boobs
@heyjeffshaw well 2.0 contains a lot of soy, which is an estrogenic - so that's not impossible...
I made GIF:
@nivo0o0 nice :)
I bought a case of Ample as soon as Jack told me about it. I've been drinking Soylent for breakfast and occasional snacks for a while now but have always been disappointed that it's so high in carbs, and low in fat and protein. Plus all the processed ingredients and no Paleo options. I'm really excited for Ample and can't wait for my first shipment!
@iamjakestream Woot! Thanks Jake : )
@iamjakestream there will be a low-carb option when it ships for everyone backing now. In the future they'll have a keto option, which will have moderate/low protein, very low carbs, and high fat
@_jacksmith yep already discussed with them 😀