Amphetamine 3

Keep your Mac awake from the menubar

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#3 Product of the DaySeptember 07, 2016




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Christopher ScottPro@mckean · Space monkey,
I guess I'm waiting for cocaine 2.0 but will give this a try for sure.
Flavio Spaini@fspaini · Software developer
@mckean I'd prefer Xanax 1.0 as not to wake up to a drained battery in the morning.
@fspaini you will definitely wake up with a drained battery after a night of using Xanax 1.0. You might want to try busparone 2.5.
Kix Panganiban@kixpanganiban · Software Engineer from the Philippines
I read in the review picture that it's "Better than Caffeine." How so? Edit: Nevermind, decided to give it a go and I was immediately converted. Key features that make it better than Caffeine: - Triggers and sessions, ie, stay awake only when certain conditions are met (on a specific WiFi network, specific apps are running, etc.) - Better icons! - Can put display to sleep or to screensaver while keeping drives awake
Pietz Prove@gopietz · Media Computer Science Student
@kixpanganiban Caffeine is buggy as sh*t. My heart goes to anybody who's still using it...
Kix Panganiban@kixpanganiban · Software Engineer from the Philippines
@gopietz Never had any problems with it. Been using it since before Yosemite.
Nathan Palmer@nathanpalmer · Co-founder, CrowdOx
@gopietz My experience was the opposite. I went back to Caffeine after amphetamine wouldn't trigger properly. It's been a while though so could be a time to try it again.
Jack Smith@_jacksmith · Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
@gopietz @kixpanganiban caffeine was buggy and stopped working for me. no issues with amphetamine
Matt McInnis@mattlovesmath · Professor, Mathematics
@kixpanganiban ya I've never had problems with it. It's been great for me. I value the simplicity.
Chris MessinaHunter@chrismessina · Product designer & entrepreneur
What's New in Version 3.0: - Set up an infinite number of Triggers, each with its own set of conditions - Expanded schedule options for Triggers - Trigger sessions and "single-use" sessions now operate independently - New icons and sounds - Hide/show icon in Dock - Complete rewrite of application - A bunch of little things you probably won't notice
Jack Smith@_jacksmith · Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
I used Amphetamine before, but it stopped working at some point, so I switched to 'NoSleep', which has been pretty flawless.
Secretmapper@secretmapper · Freelance Developer
@_jacksmith Opposite experience for me, I switched to Amp cause NoSleep stopped working for me after 10.11. I guess we're just lucky with the abundance of app options we have :)
Jack Smith@_jacksmith · Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
@secretmapper yes, apologies. Actually I was wrong. It was caffeine that I had which wasn't working. I switched to this (amphetamine) and it's great
ΛRTΞM@defeed · Chief Sanook Officer @ Sanook Solutions
@_jacksmith be careful with this kind of comments, as somebody googling your name might stumble upon this comment and think you're a drug user
Jack Smith@_jacksmith · Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
@defeed lol, yeah, I was thinking that
Ethan Thomas@ethan021021 · San Francisco | Web/iOS @BundlerApp |
Amphetamine should have an option to disable lid sleep on Macs. That way I can finally retire insomniaX :)
William GustafsonMaker@x74353 · Developer, Self
@ethan021021 Unfortunately this isn't possible with an app from the Mac App Store. This requires a kernel extension which is prohibited by Apple's guidelines.
Ethan Thomas@ethan021021 · San Francisco | Web/iOS @BundlerApp |
@x74353 Remove it from the app store and open source it? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯