Collect, curate, and publish authentic customer experiences.

#5 Product of the DayJanuary 08, 2019

AmpAve is a way to collect, curate, and publish hundreds of customer experiences easily. Enlist your happy customers to do most of the work creating authentic, organic content about your product/service, while staying in control of your brand. Amplifying your success has never been easier. Free account if you sign up today.

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Is it helpful for CRM?
@debarati_ghosh Yes, it could be. In fact, there could be a tie into a CRM that allow you to initiate customer stories. Currently, you can forward a customer email to initiate a customer story, but a CRM is another connection point and probably a better one.

I love the way the application guides you through the whole process to make capturing customer stories part of your daily business.


makes it easy to get organic content to build my brand


would like to publish to twitter

Would like to publish to Twitter too.
How will you convince a customer to write a review? This is the most difficult part of the process.
@aleksanderheba Happy customers generally want to share their positive experiences with others, if they were truly great. Part of human nature to want to share. The tool provides a more opportunities to discover those and a more structured, convenient way to do so. So, the short answer is that it won't make a bad experience great, but it will get the word out about those truly great experience.
Looks more like a testimonial tool. Capturing customer experience would require something different.
@stephanlenting it will expand from here to encapsulate more of that. let me know if you have specific items you would like to see. thanks