iPhone lightning port headphone jack amp for better sound

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Jason Shultz
Jason Shultz@thehashrocket · Senior Software Engineer, 3form
Just in time for the death of the headphone jack on iPhone 7.
Edwin@theroyalstudent · Student Developer based in Singapore 🇸🇬
Probably could use this for the new iPhone 7 [Plus].
Tyson Mutrux
Tyson Mutrux@tyson_mutrux · Attorney, The Mutrux Law Firm
How does it improve the sound?
Juuso Haavisto
Juuso Haavisto@toldjuuso
@tyson_mutrux According to the campaign the volume control block also has an amplifier and DAC in it. Both improve sound, although iPhones already have integrated ones. Therefore it's hard to say whether the audio quality with this jack will be significantly better. Probably not. Separate headphone amplifiers and DAC's usually run for 100-200 USD per each and require external power source and RCA cables to link everything together.
Tyson Mutrux
Tyson Mutrux@tyson_mutrux · Attorney, The Mutrux Law Firm
@9uuso Thanks for that information. I had no clue. Not quite my expertise.
Kix Panganiban
Kix Panganiban@kixpanganiban · Software Engineer from the Philippines
Looks interesting, except that it's iPhone only. Saw this a few months back here in PH and I think the concept is similar (but this one supports any headphone jack :P):
Ryan Quinn
Ryan Quinn@mazondo · Developer, Mazondo
@kixpanganiban "supports any headphone jack" unfortunately means it doesn't support iPhones anymore though.