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Hey Product Hunters! 👋 9 Months ago we launched Amium on Product Hunt and received a lot of love, and today we're back with more! We've had thousands of teams sign up for Amium, providing us with lots of valuable feedback. One of the most common requests we've seen is to collaborate not just within your team, but across teams and companies, including your clients, vendors, and even customers. Today, we're happy to announce Amium 2.0, which allows you to do just that. With the new version of Amium your teams are no longer siloed, and your one account allows you to chat and collaborate with anyone, on any team -- you simply need to be invited (or invite them) to the project or chat room. But wait, there's more! - We've completely overhauled the UI and split up "Channels" into "Projects" and "Chat Rooms" - We've gotten rid of team subdomains, since Amium is now a "global" environment. - We've introduced the ability to create and join multiple teams with one account. If you haven't tried Amium before, now is the perfect time to give it a go (and it's completely free! :) If you tried Amium when we first announced it but found it wasn't for you, we'd love to hear from you! Members of the Amium team and I will be around throughout the day to answer questions, so feel free to let us know if you have any 🙂. Yuri
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@yuris Is Amium basically "Slack for Enterprise", with its own file-management backed owned by the corporations?
@yuris oh nvm, saw your other reply just now. makes sense. cross-collaboration without having to be invited to a gazillion chat rooms is quite good!
@kirillzubovsky ^ this, and yes :)
WOW ! Gamechanger for us. As we launch globally with multiple client product teams, we had to hack it on Slack until THIS. We are definitely going to use this to keep it all organized.
Looks great! I especially like the easy of use to navigate between different teams and projects. Going to test this out with my team (small startup). With a platform like Slack already out on the market that has numerous integration compatible with their platform what would you say would be the benefits for switching to Amium? Just curious of your pitch for that! Great job on the updated product!
@marcoafabrega Great question. Slack is great, and we used it here at Amium in the past, but a lot of the work we do involves external parties, and we wanted to be able to collaborate with people outside our organization easier, without having to create guest accounts or new subdomains. So, we came up with a user model similar to Github’s, where you have one account, and can create or join multiple teams, and invite literally anyone to collaborate with you (whether they are on your team or not, all they need is one Amium account). And that’s what the new version of Amium provides. On top of that, Amium is also more work-focused, by putting the work first. For example, not only is file sync and share (like Dropbox) built in, but we also allow you to have conversations around files as if they were chatrooms. So you can work, update, revise, and approve files all in one place while having complete version history around the data.
Looks like a great product! While using my current communication tool for my team, I have definitely found it to be cumbersome to speak to outside vendors/collaborators. I will definitely try it! Does it offer integration with other communication tools/products?
@desmond_lim We do! There's a bunch of third party integrations that we've already built out (see, and we also have an API that others can use for their own third party integrations.
@yuris looks great and very helpful! Curious about the choice of Office 365, and not Google docs / sheets? I believe a lot of companies are on G Suite services
@desmond_lim GSuite is on our roadmap, actually :) I'll keep you posted!
@yuris Awesome! Can't wait - looking forward to that.
Firstly, external users are fantastic, global Amium user is nice I think, it saves a lot of headache of joining different teams. Also, the idea of projects is awesome too. I have a question about projects, while I know we could use them the way we want but when you all designed them, did you expect them to be long running things with fixed teams or super ephemeral like one for weekly release or for a tiny team hackathon etc. Thoughts?
@vishaljoshi the projects can be both, actually. Projects are fairly light weight (you can close them without leaving them, for example, but you can also easily archive them). So you can create short lived ones, and long-lived ones, depending on what you need