Amium 2.0

Chat and collaborate with anyone in the world

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Yuri Sagalov
@yuris · CEO, AeroFS/Amium
Hey Product Hunters! 👋 9 Months ago we launched Amium on Product Hunt and received a lot of love, and today we're back with more! We've had thousands of teams sign up for Amium, providing us with lots of valuable feedback. One of the most common requests we've seen is to collaborate not just within your team, but across teams and companies, including your… See more
JR Rahn
@jamon_alexander · CEO, Upgraded
WOW ! Gamechanger for us. As we launch globally with multiple client product teams, we had to hack it on Slack until THIS. We are definitely going to use this to keep it all organized.
Marco Fabrega
@marcoafabrega · Experience Designer and Entrepreneur
Looks great! I especially like the easy of use to navigate between different teams and projects. Going to test this out with my team (small startup). With a platform like Slack already out on the market that has numerous integration compatible with their platform what would you say would be the benefits for switching to Amium? Just curious of your pitch for … See more
Desmond Lim
@desmond_lim · Harvard | MIT grad, Product @WeChat
Looks like a great product! While using my current communication tool for my team, I have definitely found it to be cumbersome to speak to outside vendors/collaborators. I will definitely try it! Does it offer integration with other communication tools/products?
Vishal Joshi
@vishaljoshi · co-founder at http://withjoy.com
Firstly, external users are fantastic, global Amium user is nice I think, it saves a lot of headache of joining different teams. Also, the idea of projects is awesome too. I have a question about projects, while I know we could use them the way we want but when you all designed them, did you expect them to be long running things with fixed teams or super … See more