Single developer-friendly API, multiple messengers.

We think that messaging is too complicated for developers. So, we put multiple messengers under one API and prepared complete toolbox to make the development dead simple.

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Hello Product Hunt! We’re building Amio with the vision to provide the easies way to implement messengers into the software. In our previous projects, we ourselves felt the pain of having multiple documentation, different APIs and distinct constraints for just two platforms. And if you look around it is not just about one or two messengers you have to cover, the messaging space is still growing. Amio puts the developers on the first place again. You can connect Facebook Messenger or Viber with few clicks, test the connection immediately, list all contacts, respond directly from the administration and most importantly use our clear API with straight forward documentation. And this is just the start! We have plans to: * build message flows where you can define fallback channels in case of message is not delivered or read * include more messaging platforms: WhatsApp, Twitter DM, etc. * cover multiple SMS providers for SMS costs optimisation * introduce true omni-channel experience for users * and many more So far, we’ve worked with banks, e-commerce, delivery companies as well as bot developers to tune our platform to the latest detail. Now we thrilled to spread Amio further! I am looking forward to answer your comments and thoughts below! :-) Matous P.S.: Don’t forget that early adopters are always rewarded! * Signup today and receive 50 % lifetime discount for all plans * Exceed 5k Monthly Active Users on Amio (till the end of February 2018) and receive an invitation for local beers with our dev team 🍺 in heart of Europe - Prague.
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Took me 5 sek to add a FB channel! Impressive.
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Hi Göran, This is exactly what we're trying to achieve: make a developer life easier! 😁 The next step (which should not take you more than few seconds) is to download our Postman collection ( and send your first message ( Happy coding! 💻
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To early to say much but it was easy reading the docs and get started. I start by having it on a test drive and see whats possible. Very promissing product from Prauge!


Easy setup and to get started.


Non found any yet.

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Setting up chatbot with Amio was very pleasant experience - first of all, it is blazing fast to set up & get running. Once you have your chatbot up and running, Amio provides great SDK which you can use to teach your chatbot to do whatever you want!

All of these steps can be done in few minutes easily thanks to well-written documentation. I appreciated the great support that I got from Amio team.

Overall, I can recommend Amio without a doubt. Great work guys!



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Hi guys - very interested in talking to you about integrating your api into our platform Can you email me on
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Hi Scott, Holly looks as an interesting project. We actually prepared Amio to be integrated to such tools. I'll write you on email.