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David Vivero
@davidvivero · CEO, Amino
Thanks Kevin! The product is available nationally for free, though we will continue to be investing in richer data and more features.
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David Vivero
@davidvivero · CEO, Amino
Hi, David here, co-founder of Amino. Today, after months of quietly building our product and getting user feedback, my team has launched our first product to the world. On Amino, you can find and book an appointment with a doctor based on their experience with your needs. So, for example, if you’re a 25-year-old male and looking for an allergist, you could … See more
Michael 🤖 Galpert
@msg · is a human
This product is so needed in the antiquated industry that is healthcare. bravo to the team and investors who helped make this a reality
saar gur
@saarsaar · CRV
Kevin Ayuque
Very interesting idea and the website is beautifully crafted. Hopefully it will expand to other territories soon.
@matsag123 · Strategy
Congrats to the Team - love the idea of empowering the patient in his/her care journey!! I'm wondering to what extent is your product catered to patients with "serious" long-term diseases that require specialist care who would presumably see greater benefit in such a service. Also, how do you plan to monetize - will doctors be paying a fee upon booking of an… See more