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Hi, David here, co-founder of Amino. Today, after months of quietly building our product and getting user feedback, my team has launched our first product to the world. On Amino, you can find and book an appointment with a doctor based on their experience with your needs. So, for example, if you’re a 25-year-old male and looking for an allergist, you could find doctors who have the most experience treating men in your age range and near your location, who also take your insurance. Eventually, we're adding a lot more "decision factors" to help you choose the right doctor for you (e.g., outcomes of treatments and procedures). Our product is powered by a comprehensive, patient de-identified database of health care experiences from 188 million Americans and nearly every doctor in the country -- so everyone can make decisions based on facts and data. To that end, we don't run any ads or sponsored results. We'd love to hear your feedback!
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@davidvivero I love that Amino is actually giving you the best choices based on experience data. How did you parse/scrape and interpolate the data to get that information.
@nerdtt @davidvivero Krs, it's a group effort! On our team page at you can see that we've gathered an amazing set of people from data engineering, machine learning, biostatistics, medical informatics, and consumer design/UX. This is one of those problems that really does require expertise from many disciplines, sitting at one table.
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This product is so needed in the antiquated industry that is healthcare. bravo to the team and investors who helped make this a reality
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Very interesting idea and the website is beautifully crafted. Hopefully it will expand to other territories soon.
@kevinayuque Thanks Kevin! The product is available nationally for free, though we will continue to be investing in richer data and more features.
Congrats to the Team - love the idea of empowering the patient in his/her care journey!! I'm wondering to what extent is your product catered to patients with "serious" long-term diseases that require specialist care who would presumably see greater benefit in such a service. Also, how do you plan to monetize - will doctors be paying a fee upon booking of an appointment? And how scalable is the offline booking of appointments? Finally - is it worth adding a functionality to see what payments doctors have been getting from pharma companies or is that taking it too far (I believe that's available via CMMS)?
@matsag123 Lots of great questions in here! We're just getting started, so some of these are open questions for us as well. To your first q, in user testing we did find that people with chronic or serious conditions thought the product was useful, often because it's challenging to find the experts on your own. This is especially true for folks outside big urban centers with research hospitals. That said, we're hoping to make Amino useful for health problems big and small -- whether you just moved and need to find a new primary or whether you have a diagnosis and need to find a specialist. My favorite tweet yesterday was from someone who put off seeing the doctor for years and managed to book an appointment in 5 minutes.
@carinecarmy Cool, congrats and good luck!