A social secretary for creating events with friends

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Steve McGarry
Steve McGarryHunterHiring@stvmcg · Entrepreneur and coffee snob
Amigo reduces the amount of communication and helps move the needle when it comes to event planning with friends. @SwarmApp tried this and pivoted in the early days so I am interested to hear how @ashley_jeanne and @elizanguyen are doing it differently.
Rodrigo Hillion
Rodrigo Hillion@rohillion · Web Developer
looks good!
Pierre-Marie Galite
Pierre-Marie Galite@tsunaze · mobile developer & advice giver
It looks really good, but like every social app: you need your friends already on the app to work seamlessly. SMS process would've been quicker, in my opinion. Hope this app get some traction 🙏. Because I already have my share of failed/cancelled plans with my friends!